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The Crews Control team assists producers with 2000+ award-winning video crews, worldwide. Our goal is to make booking a camera crew so simple that our clients can focus solely on their production.

Congratulations… your life just got easier

Crews Control assist producers in working with over 2000 award-winning video crews, worldwide. Our goal is to make booking a camera crew anywhere in the world so simple that our clients can focus solely on their production. Our team members are some of the most experienced folks in the production industry. This experience ensures that your next location shoot runs smooth as silk...guaranteed!

Andrea Keating



Andrea Keating introduced the industry to the concept of a freelance film and video staffing company in 1988. And since then, “It’s been an incredible experience made all the better by great clients, fabulously talented crews and the best team on Earth working right along with me.” At Crews Control, Andrea is constantly thinking about how to serve her clients better. That’s her number one objective. As for her other, more whimsical goals, she’d like to invent an everyday product, go to cooking school, and finally learn how to whistle.

Valerie Stedman Nolan

Vice President of Production


Valerie’s cool head and ability to put out fires with ease makes her a client favorite. She’s the office IT wizard and our resident trivia champ, which should give you at least a hint as to how darn smart she is. She’d like to make an entry into the Encyclopedia of Life, continue to travel, and maybe even get over her hang-up about the strange texture of popsicle sticks on your tongue.

Laura Chapman

Operations Manager


Laura Chapman is our new Operations Manager. She is always on the lookout for new ways to streamline all accounting processes. She has mastered the art of keeping busy and juggling tasks. Between working on her advanced degree, spoiling her three dogs (Max, JoJo and Scooby,) being a sports spectator of her son playing football, basketball, and lacrosse, Laura also finds enough time to catch a game or two of college basketball that her husband officiates. Loving everything and anything Italian and with an Italian heritage, it is no surprise that Laura feels at home anywhere in Italy.

Meredith Kain

Multimedia Marketing Manager


Meredith comes to Crews Control from a 10-year stint in sports broadcasting. Being die-hard hockey and college football fan, it’s not surprising that her favorite season is Autumn. Meredith loves all things social media, so if a new platform is going to be the next big thing she’ll know about it! She also has a passion for reading, writing, and especially learning, and really enjoys managing Crews Control’s incredible blog. When Meredith isn’t tweeting or blogging, you’re likely to find her off riding her bike somewhere adventurous.

Becky Holzman Garzone

Sales and Marketing


Becky’s done everything from pulling cable to producing nationally aired TV shows, so she understands the needs of our clients to have the perfect crew for the job! Due to her love for travel and learning about other cultures, Becky enjoys hearing the wonderful accents of our many crews and clients. It’s been said that Becky knows ‘just about everyone in English speaking countries’ so now she’s learning Spanish! And be sure to ask her about her numerous stints in front of the camera too! (But don’t mention her addiction to Chick-Fil-A and un-sweet iced tea!)

Cricket Capucci

Production Manager


“I have never worked with such a creative and talented team,” says Cricket (which isn’t her given name, by the way). She believes in living life to the fullest, which is a motto she applies day-to-day as she helps video producers get their productions done (with the world’s best crews, of course). She’ll match you with the perfect crew for your project so quickly that you’ll still have time to ask her about her volunteer position as a sports league official.

Brittany Conley

Production Manager


Brittany is our first "client" to join our Crews Control team and she brings a vast amount of production experience that brings her clients projects to fruition. Born on Christmas, Brittany loves to dance (yes, we have caught her dancing at her desk) and has a dream of traveling internationally. We hope to help her make that dream come true but until we do Brittany will travel vicariously booking the very best crews around the world.

Alysia Cutchis

Assistant Production Manager


As a member of our Production Team Alysia puts her Communications Degree from University of Maryland (Go Terps!) to good use, assisting the Production Managers by coordinating communications with our fabulous crews. She is also an organizational wizard, color coding files office wide. In her downtime Alysia continues her dedication to discipline and details as she has a black belt in karate and is an instructor as well.

Carolyn Bean

Billing Manager


Carolyn says Crews Control is the best place she’s ever worked. Carolyn handles the management of our accounts payable and receivable with speed and efficiency—and we love her for that, among other things. If you’ve only talked to Carolyn by phone, you may not know how much she loves to experiment with her hair. We’ll need to update this photo every few weeks. Now that Carolyn is a recent empty nester with her two boys off in college she takes care of the Crews Control staff by being the office chef, pharmacist and chauffer.

Candi Madgwick

Accounts Payable Manager


As the Crews Control Accounts Payable Manager Candi is responsible for daily management of the invoices for hundreds of shoots. Her extraordinary organizational skills keep the entire process on track. She loves to travel, has driven cross country four times and her favorite vacation was spending time in her mother’s seaside hometown south of London. She loves to write and won a regional DAR writing competition in her younger years and makes a mean cheese soufflé.