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We search for all the newest gear, tips, and tricks to bring you the most relevant professional video production solutions.

Information Overdrive and Tech Minute each focus on trends and technical video production solutions for video professionals in corporate in-house video departments, production companies, government agencies, educational institutions, non-profits, advertising agencies, public relations firms, and broadcasters.


Information Overdrive: Updated Jokerbokes

We absolutely love it when our crews develop their own unique solutions to the challenges they face. We’re very excited to share Ben Mesker’s updated [...]

Tech Minute: Sony IP Live Production Unit

Sony IP Live is the next generation of the Sony IP55 video over IP technology. The IP55 is a point-to-point solution that carries video and [...]

Information Overdrive: BlackMagic Design URSA 4K Camera

URSA a full size production 4K camera gives the user the ability to switch camera sensors. BlackMagic Design is the first company to offer user [...]

Tech Minute: Canon 4K Cameras

Tim Smith from Canon says that 4K is here to stay. Canon currently has two cameras that record 4K the EOS 1DC and the EOS [...]

Information Overdrive: Convergent Design Athena 4K Recorder Encoder Decoder

Convergent Design is breaking out of the on-camera field recorder mold with the Athena to deliver a product for production and post. The Athena is [...]

Tech Minute: Sony IP55

Current IP55 customers include: corporations, houses of worship, state and local governments, and broadcasters. The biggest benefits for customers using the IP55 is the latency [...]

Information Overdrive: Sony Next Generation OLED Monitors

Based on feedback from the field Sony made lighter, smaller monitors, with more features. The PVMA170 and PVMA250 monitors take lens and camera metadata from [...]

Tech Minute: Sony XAVC 4K Player

This Sony 4K player is great for Event Producers, staging companies, or any organization that need to playback XAVC 4K, HD XAVC Intra, and HD [...]

Information Overdrive: ShotPut Pro 5 & HDVU 2.0 from Imagine Products

Transferring digital video files on-site is as easy as dragging and dropping a folder from the finder to an external hard drive until something goes [...]

Tech Minute: ShotSum for Mac from Imagine Products

Do you have copies of video files on external hard drives, editing suites, and archived? Are you sure that they are exact copies? ShotSum is [...]

Tech Minute: New Sony PDW-850 Professional Video Camera Extends Life of XDCAM HD Workflow

New Sony PDW-850 professional video camera extends the life of the long time XDCAM HD workflow. Sony has made some improvements to the PDW-850 that [...]

Information Overdrive: Panasonic Varicam 35 and Varicam HS

The Varicam 35 is Panasonic’s first 35mm sensor camera and also Panasonic’s first 4K camera. It records a wide variety of frame sizes such as [...]

Tech Minute: Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q Not Just a Field Recorder

The Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q is a professional video field recorder that can captures compressed and uncompressed recording onto Convergent Design SSD media. It is [...]

Information Overdrive: Canon ENG EOS Cameras, Dual Pixel, and CINE-SERVO Lens

Canon USA’s Timothy Smith explains some new features in the Canon EOS camera lineup. Dual Pixel will now be an available firmware/ hardware upgrade for [...]

Tech Minute: Video Journalist Backpacks

Video Journalist Backpacks are created by Sony System Solutions for Universities with film, television, and communications degrees, small broadcasters, government agencies, and corporate in-house media [...]

Information Overdrive: HD and UltraHD Blackmagic Studio Cameras

In true Blackmagic Design style they have revolutionized the look and price point of studio cameras. President of Blackmagic Design, Dan May, said this about [...]

Information Overdrive: Sony PMWF5 & PMWF55 Upgrades

There are some exciting new upgrades to Sony’s CineAlta PMWF5 and PMWF55 cameras. Sony F5 users will have the ability to upgrade their camera to [...]

Information Overdrive: Crews Reviews Teradek Cube 155

The Teradek Cube 155 is an H.264 HD video encoder that can stream video right from the HD-SDI output of your professional video camera to [...]

Information Overdrive: GripnGaff Bags

Are you looking for a better way to carry tripods, lighting stands, c-stands, and other grip gear in and out of video production locations easily? [...]

Information Overdrive: Sony’s PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 Camera Comparison

Which camera is best for your next HD, 2K, or 4K project? Does your old SxS cards work with the F5 or F55 cameras? Should [...]

Information Overdrive: Introduction to Panasonic’s AVC Ultra, MicroP2 cards, and AJ-PX5000

Have you wondered how Panasonic’s new AVC Ultra format fits into their AVC codec family? How does the microP2 card compare to the full size [...]

Information Overdrive: Canon EOS C500, C300, C100, 1DC

What professional Canon camera should you purchase or use on your next digital cinema shoot? What mobile recording devices will provide the best workflow? What [...]

Information Overdrive: camBLOCK Motion Control System For The Field

camBLOCK makes tools for cinematographers and Directors of Photography. The camBlock is a motion controlled dolly system for real time and time lapse video developed [...]

Information Overdrive: Sony Ci Cloud Collaborative Post Production Tool

Sony Ci is a cloud software tool for Video Producers, Editors, and other video production professionals to store video, view, make notes, and share information [...]

Information Overdrive: Live Broadcasting In A Backpack

LiveU uses cellular bonding to create one strong feed for video uplink. Basically they are able to broadcast video from a backpack instead of a [...]

Information Overdrive: Sony 4K Field Monitor

The PVM-X300 field monitor and BKM XP1 4K SxS player is a great option to monitor and review Sony 4K footage on site. The monitor [...]

Information Overdrive: Jokerboxes the “MacGyver” of Apple Boxes

Professional Field Producers, Directors of Photography and Camera Operators know that space saving tools, being organized and being able to load gear in and out [...]

Information Overdrive: Canon Professional Cameras Comparison

Do you want that gorgeous large camera sensor image but your not sure which Canon professional camera to choose for your video project? Check out [...]

Information Overdrive: Professional Mobile Recording Devices

What mobile recording devices are best for your video productions? Mitch Gross from AbelCine highlights three recorders for professional digital cinema and HD cameras: Ki [...]

Information Overdrive: ATEM TV Studio ATEM 1M/E Software Controlled Switchers by Blackmagic Design

Crews Control is highlighting the ATEM TV Studio and ATEM 1ME switchers from Blackmagic Design in this episode of Information Overdrive. These software controlled switchers [...]

Information Overdrive: Tips For Producing and Shooting Aerial Video

Do you need to shoot aerial video or aerial digital cinema footage and are wondering what your best options are for mounts and helicopters? Here [...]

Information Overdrive: BlackMagic Digital Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Cinema Camera features a 2.5K image sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range and compatibility for EF and ZE mount lenses. This camera is [...]

Information Overdrive: The Miro 320 Is A Small But Powerful Digital Cinema Camera

Miro 320S is a 3lbs digital cinema quality camera that allows the user to shoot 1540 fps at 1920 x 1080 12 bit uncompressed raw [...]

Information Overdrive: How Is The Cloud Going To Revolutionize Video Productions?

If you produce a large volume of shoots you know it can be difficult to keep your call sheets, budgets, scripts and videos for client [...]

Information Overdrive: Faster, Bigger, Better Sony Delivers at NAB 2012

The NEX-FS700U is a high speed camera with a 4K sensor. It does 960fps at it’s lowest resolution and 240fps at full HD resolution. Sony’s [...]

Information Overdrive: Teradek Cube A Video Producers Best Friend

Teradeks’ Cube is a wired or wireless video encoding device that is palm sized. It has many applications. This video is highlighting the Cube as [...]

Information Overdrive: Dolly Shots Made Simple With The tommyTRACK

The tommyTrack camera, on tripod, dolly system allows any camera operator to get that hard dolly shot. It has a super quick set up time, [...]

Information Overdrive: How To Shoot All Day With A Hand Held Camera!

The Camera Ribbon will allow freelance camera operators and professional camera crews to stabilize prosumer cameras and Canon DSLR cameras like a shoulder-mounted camera. Its [...]

Information Overdrive: Digital Cinema Cameras, XDCAM HD Workflow, Multiformat Compact Switcher

Get info about new Sony gear right from the experts. Why the NXCAM 35mm Camcorder NEX-FS100UK is better than a Canon DSLR for your video [...]

Information Overdrive: How To Get Sony XDCAM Software

How to downloading necessary Sony drivers and plug-ins for XDCAM EX SxS cards. Also, how to view video XDCAM EX clips with Sony’s fee Clip [...]

Information Overdrive: Slow Motion With High Speed Digital Cinema Cameras

Have you ever wondered how you can see a bullet shoot out of a gun? Rich Robinson from Vision Research show cases the Phantom v710 [...]

Information Overdrive: 1 Beyond Wranglers Media Management For Digital Cinema and Video Production

1 Beyond Wranglers for Media Management on site offers flexible and customizable solutions for on location SD, HD or 3D video shoots to CF cards, [...]

Information Overdrive: Sony Booth Tour At NAB 2010

Take the Sony Booth Tour with us at NAB 2010 as we explore 3-D, XDCam HD workflow, VTR PDW-U1, VTR PDW F1600, Mobile editors like [...]

Information Overdrive: Jan Crittenden Reveals the 3D Panasonic Camera

3D Production has always been accomplished with 2 cameras & a 3D Rig UNTIL now. Panasonic showcases the 3D AVCHD/ AVCCAM AG3DA1 at NAB 2010 [...]

Information Overdrive: Video Asset Management Solution

Tony Cahill from Line 1 Media, a Media Distributors Company, introduces Constellation VCM. This is a highly customizable asset management system that allows the user [...]

Information Overdrive: The Akela Crane

Are you a digital cinema Director, video Producer or DP and need to get extremely wide shots to close ups of sporting events, outdoor crowd [...]

Information Overdrive: Master Control at Levy Productions

Get a sneak peak at the wizard behind the curtain. Rebekah Toth takes you behind the scenes of Levy Productions to reveal the machine room.

Information Overdrive: Video Interview Tips

Tips that professional producers use to put video interviewees at ease. It is natural to be nervous in front of the camera use those nerves [...]

Information Overdrive: Recoding and copying video with Panasonic P2

Do you have questions about moving to a tapeless workflow? We will answer the following questions. Is tapeless video more complicated to shoot or edit? [...]

Information Overdrive: Panasonic HPX300 and Sony EX3 Camera Comparison

We visit Jan Crittenden from Panasonic and Jarrod Haarstod from AbelCineTech at NAB 2009 to compare the Panasonic AG-HPX300 and the Sony PMW-EX3 cameras. Which [...]

Information Overdrive: Tips for Professional Video Recording with a Steadicam

Tom Upton gives us some insights to best utilize a steadicam camera stabilizing system. What is the set up time for a steadicam operator? How [...]

Information Overdrive: Questions Clients Ask Video Editors

If you are an editor you have heard one of these questions. Can you write 20 minutes of an uncompressed QuickTime video onto a data [...]

Information Overdrive: Digital Audio Recording For Transcription

Digital Audio recording is often done during video interviews, testimonials and corporate meetings. We show you how to record audio with timecode on a separate [...]

Information Overdrive: Spider Support Systems Spider Pod

The Spider Pod is a 2’ portable video camera tripod riser and separate operator platform. The camera operator can move freely without shaking the camera. [...]

Information Overdrive: HD Video Acquisition, Data Management, and Data Archiving

Crew Control believes sharing information with our network of high definition video and digital cinema producers, camera operators, directors and media managers is extremely important [...]

Information Overdrive: Red One Digital Cinema Camera

Chat with Ted Schilowitz from RED Digital Cinema Camera Company at NAB 2008 about the Red One. The Scarlet and Epic prototypes in the video [...]

Information Overdrive: Videos for Video Professionals

What is Crews Control and why are we sharing professional video production tips? Crews Control is the leading location production staffing company for HD video, [...]