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Posted by Crews Super Admin on November 24, 2015

The talented team at our sister company TeamPeople tried out Periscope, and this is what you should know about it:

Wondering what the Live-streaming buzz is all about with Periscope? You came to the right place. Team People test-drove Periscope to learn the pitfalls, opportunities and experience the newest APP by Twitter.

First things first: What’s Periscope?

Our friends at Fast Company put it best: “unless you have been living in a disconnected, iPhone-free cave, you are certainly aware of the recent rise of live-streaming mobile apps. The most popular app in this category is Twitter’s Periscope, which allows users to stream live video from their iPhones to friends and strangers around the world.

Periscope is already being hailed as a possible game changer—it gained 1 million users in the first 10 days after Twitter released it on March 26. Periscope’s applications are broad, and so far the app has been used for political messaging, sports broadcasts, news reporting, and much more.”

Video content is a now driving customer and corporate communications. From coverage of a community event to announcing new products, demos or showing the nerdy behind the scenes experience only a loyalist could love; no one can deny the power of the audio-visual message.

Live-streaming presents some interesting possibilities for brands and creative entrepreneurs. It captures the attention of a single moment and like any new social network, early adopters will have a massive strategic advantage. Bringing people into your events, creative process or milestones creates a new understanding of your message and meaning.

Being an early adopter has advantages, but there are pitfalls along with the opportunities.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Be strategic and have a plan but be prepared for authentic opportunity

TeamPeople partnered with South Florida Business & Wealth Magazine to cover their annual Apogee Awards, honoring South Florida’s leading Corporate Executives. We met with their marketing and editorial departments to create a plan for topics, point of view, access and key moments to capture.

  • Your environment matters

Periscope is only available through mobile or phone devices. This is limiting for sound, quality and camerawork. Practice your grip, use a selfie-stick to keep your talent in the frame and take test video for sound and light conditions.  The Apogee Awards was hosted in the beautiful NSU Art Museum, Fort Lauderdale.  This meant that although the galleries were filled with incredible art (Picasso ceramics and the photographs by Lee Miller), to protect the art, they were also off limits to photography.  Be prepared to adapt.

  • Plan your script, even when it’s unscripted

The Apogee Awards made for interesting content because there was a room full of the most influential names in corporate America, hanging out and socializing with their colleagues and teams. The mood was relaxed and celebratory. In our approach we explained Periscope (still so new!), gained permission to record, kept the conversation light and on topic.

  • Periscope does not replace professional footage

The award speeches were full of advice, humor and personal antidotes that make for corporate communications gold. They were also filled with microphone mishaps, delays in the presentation and ‘dead air’ moments between podium speakers. None of this makes for very good or audience driven content. Use a professional AV team for post-editing and high quality footage your business can use for traditional outlets. ( PS, this is what TeamPeople does!)

  • Promote, plan and repurpose your live-streaming experience

Start with a great headline.  Periscope sends text-message invites out via mobile letting people know it’s time to watch.  When writing your headline, keep it clear, concise but also inviting and engaging.  Hashtags, emoticons and good grammar are all allowed and remember, it’s all going out simultaneously on Twitter.  Be aware of your message and intent.

“Although Periscope does make it possible to archive material to YouTube, its major draw is its blink-and-you-miss-it nature. When you are broadcasting live, many viewers will join your stream midway through, so the traditional story-centric approach to video will not be as effective. Instead, treat live streaming as a venue for spontaneous conversation. Be prepared to respond (verbally) to viewers’ comments in the moment.” Fast Company

Let people know about scheduled live-streams in advance; create short clip promos (Getting There!  Getting Ready!  Prepping for the big show….) and encourage your stakeholders and fans to participate.  Be sure to share your Periscope links within 24 hours on other social feeds to gain maximum engagement.

Periscope, Meerkat and other live-streaming APPs provide invaluable access to cool, compelling and innovative original content.

Ready to get started?  Check out these great links for Boot Camp lessons you can use today in your video content.


Written by TeamPeople’s Regional Market Development Manager Jenn Nayak

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