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Ben On A Shelf

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015

Crews Control’s mascot is back at it again! Ben has been traveling from location to location with crews all over – from New York to [...]

Ben’s Vegas Vacation Day 6: Until Next Time…

All things must come to an end. Needless to say Ben had a great time with our crew during his Vegas location video run. He [...]

Ben’s Vegas Vacation Day 5: The Life of the Party

After a brief visit with Vegas PD, Ben takes to the city again. He expressed the need to make a few more rounds before ending [...]

Ben’s Vegas Vacation Day 4: Consequences

When you play by Ben’s rules, sometimes things can happen, but I bet you had great time on location! Hopefully he makes it back to [...]

Ben’s Vegas Vacation (Day 3): Jaywalking on the Speedway

Ben loves to be right in the mix of any location we film at. He loves living life in the fast lane! No sidewalk, not [...]

Ben’s Vegas Vacation (Day 2): Living on the Edge!

Danger Keep off Wall!!! Ben translation: “Please stand on me!” Ben has never been the type that plays it safe. Always looking for an adventure [...]

Ben’s Vegas Vacation (Day 1): Viva Las Vegas!

And so it begins. Viva Las Vegas! Ben enlists one of our crews in Vegas to show him around the city. Where he ends up, [...]

Ben Loves Mardi Gras

Every year Ben travels down to visit our video production crews in New Orleans during Mardi Gras because it is his favorite. During his stay [...]

Ben Went To Superbowl XLVII

Ben is a huge Baltimore Ravens fan so he decided he would attend the Superbowl this year. We hooked him up with one of our [...]

Ben Visits the Space Needle

Ben has been very busy traveling the Pacific Northwest and decided to stop for a film shoot in Seattle, Washington where one of our crews was [...]
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