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  • A First Look: ASTRODESIGN 4k Camera System

    Posted by Cricket Capucci on August 21, 2013

    The ASTRODESIGN 4K camera is a remote operated 3840x2160 super high quality solution that can be utilized in multiple video production scenarios. It’s small, compact design enables its usability to stretch far beyond those larger 4k camera solutions available in the market. Some perfect examples for using this camera system would be shooting a live medical procedure, tele lectures, and military procedure videos.

  • The Psychology Of Influence

    Posted by Andrea Keating on July 1, 2013

    The art of influence is often described as the act of changing people's minds by means of presenting the right arguments in an educated professional tone. Becoming effective in the art of influence isn't just about being a skillful communicator amongst your peers, or being an industry authority; it's also about understanding people's motivations, and the psychology of how we interact with each other.

  • Sony’s Game Changing PMW-F55

    Posted by Cricket Capucci on March 12, 2013

    By now you might have read a handful of reviews for the new Sony 4K cameras that recently started shipping. If you had the opportunity to read Adam Shanker’s review of the PMW-F5 then you have a general idea of what you can expect from it big brother, the Sony PMW-F55.

  • i-cuff Viewfinder Eyecups

    Posted by Tony Muzzatti on September 28, 2012

    The only viewfinder eyecup in the world that's breatheable, minimizing fogging, cuts the light like no other whether wrapping around glasses or up against the face. Washable, waterproof and will take over 100,000 rubs before it needs replacing. Comfortable, soft ultrasuede fabric against the face rather than the uncomfortable rubber that gets hot and cold and smears. Rotate 45 degrees counterclockwise to act as a shade over the viewfinder while shooting away from the face whether overhead, or under arm down low!

  • Teradek Cube A Palm Sized Video Streaming Device

    Posted by Andrea Keating on March 13, 2012

    Teradeks' Cube is a wired or wireless video encoding device that is palm sized. The Cube is connected to the cameras SDI/ HDSDI or HDMI outputs on the camera. It then works with Livestream (or any CDN) to send you an encoded stream from the camera to your desktop. You can approve shots, conduct the interview with a speaker phone and feel confident that you are getting all the right shots.