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10 Tools Every DP Should Have in their Kit
Posted by Brad Spinsby on Jul 30, 2014 & filed under Technical.
10 Tools Every DP Should Have in their Kit

So you have been in contact with your client. You have set up the shoot day logistics, and you’re confident that everything will go well. Then you go to set-up for the shoot and realize you have forgotten something. Every Director of Photography has a basic kit they bring with camera, lights, and audio but outside of those main elements here are 10 items that are important for every DP onsite.

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NYC PR Firm Uses Sony PMWF55
Posted by Rebekah Toth Burns on Jul 24, 2014 & filed under Technical.
NYC PR Firm Uses Sony PMWF55

A New York City public relations firm, Finn Partners, captured a new public school initiative with the Sony PMW F55. This required going into the classroom to record interviews and B-roll. Crews Control represented DP and contributing blogger Adam Shanker says this about his camera for this project. “Setting the F55 in HD in the MPEG 2 XDCAM mode we can have manageable file sizes while achieving high quality. The record format is 1920x1080P, frame rate of 29.97, with an angle shutter at...

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Professional Mobile Recording Devices for the Best Workflow from Production to Post

In today's fast paced production world things can change in an instant. This seems especially true with camera technology. Gone are the days of purchasing a camera, paying it off in 36 months, and then living off the profits for a few more years. These days you're lucky if you can actually work with a camera for 18 months before its’ replacement hits the market. So how does one actually make a return on their investment? Thankfully, there are some terrific alternatives in the form of digital...

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Not Just Your Average Blonde: Photon Beard’s Platinum Blonde

Photon Beard is an English lighting company known for its development of the open-faced 1K and 2K tungsten lights known as Redhead and Blonde lights. There are now many manufacturers who produce redhead and blonde lights but Photon Beard was the originator. By natural progression they have developed and teased over the last couple years an open face 1200W HMI unit known as the Platinum Blonde. The difference between Tungsten lights and HMIs are HMIs produce more light but are more efficient in...

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10 Tips for Shooting Video in New York City

New York City is consistently the most scheduled location for all of Crews Control’s video shoots worldwide. The New York metro area was the top location for the first quarter in 2014 at 7.72% of Crews Control’s video shoots. Manhattan is the busiest location of the five boroughs for corporate video productions.

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A Fluorescent with LED Power: Photon Beard’s Square One

Photon Beard certainly sounds more like a hipster rock band than a UK lighting company that has made excellent lighting for over 100 years. Photon Beard has continued their excellence in lighting with their Square One light. The Square One is literally just that, a one square foot light panel. But unlike most lights of that size, the Square One utilizes fluorescent lights instead of the extremely popular LED lights.

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Field Recorder Review
Posted by Curt Pair on Jul 08, 2014 & filed under Technical.
Field Recorder Review

Video professionals often ask me what field recorder is the best for their video production. Unfortunately, there isn’t just one recorder that fits every production workflow. Here is a review of three field recorders that I have used often: the nanoFlash by Convergent Design, the Pix240 by Sound Devices, and the Ninja Blade by Atomos.

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10 Tips for Shooting Video in South America

South America contains a wide variety of landscapes, cultures, and languages. It is approximately 6,890,000 square miles and is home to 401 million people according to the Population Reference Bureau. Crews Control has long-standing relationships with video crews in most major cities all over South America including: Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Lima, Santiago, and Caracas. Here is some advice for shooting video in South America from our local video crews and Crews...

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How to Add Live URL Links into Your YouTube Videos

When video first started to be used online it had many of the advantages of traditional video but few advantages of the internet. Specifically, you could not link from a video. You could say, “call 555-1243 today, visit,” or even link to another video on YouTube but you could not put a live link on your video to link to your website. Google has fixed that on YouTube. It is now possible to have a link show up on your YouTube video in any location on your screen, at any location in...

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10 Troubleshooting Techniques for Video Professionals

When combining a creative vision and technology you will almost always get a challenge to solve. So many issues can be worked out with a little extra time spent in pre-production or a rolodex with the right contacts. Here are some popular troubleshooting techniques we hope these will ease your next production bump in the road.

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