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Integrating Video into Your Nonprofit Communication Strategy

Nonprofits often have difficulty seeing beyond traditional canvassing and fundraising methods for outreach, as a result, are missing out on the benefits of one particularly effective medium; video. Video is one the most impactful mediums an organization can use for their communication strategy, and some newer social enterprises have already caught on:charity:water, Mama Hope, and Invisible Children.

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How to Identify Communication Needs within Your Organization

How do organizational communication professionals identify communication needs within their organizations? Perhaps, the right question should be do internal communications departments get the resources needed to communicate effectively, if not why? And one step further, in this pivotal post-recession period how can internal communications departments reimagine and innovate their role within the organization.

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Preparing PSAs for Video Distribution

Advertising agencies produce most Public Service Announcement (PSA) viewed on broadcast television and second screens. Agency Creative Directors produce beautiful images that effectively convey their client’s message. But wait a minute. To get that wonderfully prepared PSA played on the air or online, the video must be retrofitted to certain standards and that content must be nicely packaged to be seen by a wide audience. How does that get accomplished? Well, that’s where a video...

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10 Tips for Shooting Video in Dallas

Everybody knows Texans like things big, I’m not just talking about their hair, and Dallas is no exception. The Visit Dallas website boasts several fun facts. Big Tex is the largest cowboy statue in Texas, there is more than one cowboy statue? The frozen margarita machine was invented in Dallas, there is nothing like a frozen drink on a hot summer Dallas day. And, the Statue of Liberty could fit inside Dallas Cowboys Stadium, let’s try. All joking aside, Dallas is home to eighteen Fortune...

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Mobile Video for Enterprise Communications and Workplace Learning

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), mobility is projected to be the area for the most significant growth in technology spending, as people demand to consume content - anywhere, anytime, and on various devices. What does this mean to you and the business enterprise?

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Don’t Try This At Home: 3 Situations When Outsourcing Video Is Better Than In-House

Video productions are never easy. Rarely do creative professionals encounter a shoot where everything aligns itself perfectly, especially when the script requires a diverse shot list. Outsourcing has become an economic and affordable solution for many companies due to its fantastic benefits.

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Embedded Advertising in Reality TV
Posted by Rebekah Toth Burns on Jan 29, 2015 & filed under Technical.
Embedded Advertising in Reality TV

No matter what you call it branded entertainment, embedded sponsorship, embedded advertising, embedded marketing, or product placement; brands have a prominent place in global entertainment. What are the trends in embedded advertising and the psychology of why it works?

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Crews Control Crew gets FAA Section 333 Exemption for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

How did they get that aerial shot? You know the one that is too low for traditional helicopters but too high for cranes. Often the look is achieved with radio controlled aircrafts with any number of professional to prosumer cameras mounted on them. Many filmmakers and video production professionals own and operate these RC copters for commercial production use but the FAA drawls a clear line in the sky as to who can fly them and under what conditions.

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10 Tips for Shooting Video in Boston

Boston offers diverse shooting locations, historic sites, and is the home to companies like Reebok, Gillette, and Boston Scientific. This US founding colonial city can prove difficult to navigate. If you are a Video Producer who needs to coordinate a video production in Boston or Cambridge, MA here are some tips from our local DP’s and Production Coordinators.

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Why it is Important to Have a Personal Coach and Media Trainer

Just as elite athletes train with coaches their entire career, so do the most effective thought leaders and executives. It’s a muscle, you need to stay limber – and you need to adapt with the times (and the technology). In the factual entertainment sphere, where personality and authenticity are key, I often hear concerns about talent or “real people” sounding rehearsed and stiff. I get it. Whether you’re developing a reality project or delivering a TEDtalk it has to come across as...

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