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Videssence Vidnel VN050 LED Fresnel
Posted by Brad Spinsby on Oct 07, 2014 & filed under Blog Home.
Videssence Vidnel VN050 LED Fresnel

Videssence is a lighting company that has spent its early years developing the first fluorescent light for television and followed that with the development of LED lights. Their goal has been to make energy efficient lighting for both the field and studio. Videssence has recently introduced their line of LED Fresnel lights, which fall in line with that mission. Their flagship LED Fresnel is the Vidnel 050 LED, a 50 watt LED light with a Fresnel lens on it.

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10 Tips for Shooting Video in Washington D.C.

Every new on-location video production presents logistical challenges to Video Producers. How does my video crew need to enter the Capitol buildings? Who do I need to get permission from to shoot b-roll of the city or stand-ups on the Mall? On one hand, Washington D.C. has more red tape than most other domestic locations; on the other, video crews are an ingrained part of life on the hill, at the monuments, and within the city. Washington D.C. is consistently Crews Control’s second most...

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Creating with Constraints
Posted by Jeremy Person on Sep 29, 2014 & filed under Corporate Communications.
Creating with Constraints

I learned an important lesson a few years ago from a designer working at Apple. He said the more constraints you have, the more magical your designs tend to become. This post is intended to take you through what I've learned thus far as a result of that encounter and hopefully allow you to see life's limitations as a springboard of possibilities.

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Commercial Digital Cinema Production with a Small Footprint

The storyboard called for a cinematic look with exterior night shots, interiors of a grand staircase, a dramatic entrance into a boudoir, and close up of a mysterious box as the talent slams the bathroom door with her foot. The shoot was completed with a lean crew, which allowed the production to move quickly, with Angela at the helm. They were able to capture just over twenty final shots which equaled about ten setups in ten hours. "

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10 Tips for Shooting Live Sporting Events with a Small Crew

Shooting live sports requires constant focus and sharp instincts. It is much like shooting a presenter at a corporate event, if the presenter ran around stage during their whole presentation. Sports are unpredictable and usually have constant action for a variable length of time. Here are 10 tips for shooting live sporting events.

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AVC Ultra in a Small Package with the Panasonic AJ-PX270

For years, Panasonic has been talking about their new AVC-Ultra family of codecs. AVC Ultra’s biggest selling point is that it can do high resolution footage that gives you the maximum information, but also a flexible codec that can provide high-quality footage with a lower file size as well.

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10 Tips for Shooting Video in Chicago
Posted by Kacey Trent on Sep 15, 2014 & filed under Technical.
10 Tips for Shooting Video in Chicago

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States; it is just under New York and Los Angeles with nearly three million residents. Architecture, monuments, public art, and famous sky scrapers make it stand out from other cities. Chicago is home to 11 Fortune 500 companies, while the rest of the metropolitan area hosts an additional 21 Fortune 500 companies, more than 200 theaters, nearly 200 art galleries, more than 7,300 restaurants, 77 community areas containing more than 100...

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ENG Crew Chooses Sony PMW F55 for Red Carpet and Panel Discussion

Big Shoulders shot a red carpet and panel discussion event for NBC Universal’s Chicago Fire and Chicago PD where creator Dick Wolf presented. Like so many shoots that Crews Control manages, this Big Shoulders production demanded a camera that could capture crisp hand-held shots of the red carpet and record a panel discussion from the back of a large conference room. This is a good example of using the 4K imager to deliver stunning HD files, 1920x1080 at a 23.98 frame rate. The lean crew,...

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Pro Res the Codec of the Past, Present, or Future?

We started out researching and writing this article to answer an important workflow question for video Producers, ENG/ EFP video crews, and Editors. What is going to happen to ProRes when Apple Final Cut Pro 7 is no longer a viable NLE option? This question was somewhat like opening Pandora’s Box.

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Myths about RAW Video
Posted by Curt Pair on Sep 03, 2014 & filed under Technical.
Myths about RAW Video

Imagine shooting a project and having full control over your motion imaging in every manner you wish, in terms of color, exposure, saturation, brightness, and contrast.Now imagine your client changed their mind about the ‘look’ after the shoot. For those who have been in the business for a while, you are well aware that when one ‘bakes in’ a look and feel to the image, it’s permanent.Sure in some cases it can be slightly altered or enhanced, but for the most part once that decision is...

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