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Andrea Keating introduced the industry to the concept of a freelance film and video staffing company in 1988. And since then, “It’s been an incredible experience made all the better by great...

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Welcome to the Adventures of Ben!

Ben had become a fixture in the Crews Control offices... sitting on a desk, hiding in a ficus tree and occasionally showing up in the fridge. All the while he was listening to Crews Control Production Managers book exciting shoots all around the world... and wishing he could go on location.

One day... when a crew of ours from New York was visiting, the wanderlust was too great for Ben... and he jumped in the camera man's duffle bag for his first adventure. He has been traveling ever since. Check out the photos from some his adventures below!

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Ben’s Vegas Vacation Day 6: Until Next Time…

All things must come to an end. Needless to say Ben had a great time with our crew during his Vegas run. He expressed his need to return sooner than later to tie up some loose ends. Ben would not disclose the details, but we pretty sure it’s an interesting story. What happens in Vegas truly stays in Vegas!

Ben’s Vegas Vacation Day 5: The Life of the Party

After brief visit with Vegas PD, Ben takes to the city again. He expressed the need to make a few more rounds before ending his trip. We enlisted one of our crews to keep a close eye on him during his last days. He is truly the life of every party he attends.

Ben’s Vegas Vacation Day 4:  Consequences

When you play by Ben’s rules sometimes things can happen, but I bet you had great time! Hopefully he makes it back to the office in one piece.

Ben’s Vegas Vacation (Day 3): Jaywalking on the Speedway

Ben loves to be right in the mix of things. He loves living life in the fast lane! No sidewalk, not an issue for Ben! This may end badly…

Ben’s Vegas Vacation (Day 2): Living on the Edge!

Danger Keep off Wall!!! Ben translation: “Please stand on me!” Ben has never been the type that plays it safe. Always looking for an adventure!

Ben’s Vegas Vacation (Day 1): Viva Las Vegas!

And so it begins. Viva Las Vegas! Ben enlists one of our crews in Vegas to show him around the city. Where he ends up, who knows! The only guarantee is that it will be INTERESTING! Stay tuned…

Ben Loves Mardi Gras
Posted on Mar 13, 2013
Ben Loves Mardi Gras

Every year Ben travels down to visit our video production crews in New Orleans during Mardi Gras because it is his favorite. During his stay he makes it a goal to meet as many interesting people as he can possible find. In this photo Ben is seen with a couple dressed in their best VooDoo attire and Ben is sporting his Mardi Gras beads. I wonder what he did to get those?

Ben Went To Superbowl XLVII
Posted on Feb 08, 2013
Ben Went To Superbowl XLVII

Ben is a huge Baltimore Ravens fan so he decided he would attend the Superbowl this year. We hooked him up with one of our camera crews in New Orleans and they took good care of Ben while he was there. Ben even met a couple of new friends in New Orleans that shared a similar passion for the Ravens. There is still some speculation at Crews Control over whether or not Ben had something to do with the blackout...

Ben Visits the Space Needle
Posted on Nov 07, 2012
Ben Visits the Space Needle

Ben has been very busy traveling the Pacific Northwest and decided to stop for a photo shoot in Seattle, Washington where one of our crews was able to give Ben the tour of a lifetime. Ben has always wanted to visit the Space Needle and enjoy a fresh cup of Starbucks coffee atop the 600ft building, unfortunately he was turned away because he refused to remove his hat...

Ben Taps The Rockies
Posted on Aug 16, 2012
Ben Taps The Rockies

Ben hitchhiked from Massachusetts to Colorado by way of birds mistaking him for a meal. It took several days and many frustrated birds before he found his way to one of our fellow crewsers filming in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Ben Meets The Green Monster
Posted on Aug 14, 2012
Ben Meets The Green Monster

Ben made his way up to Boston, MA and stayed with some crewsers while he toured the city. Here he is in front of Fenway Park, the oldest professional sports stadium in the US. After the game, Ben had himself a beer in Allston and spent the night on a rock in Copley Square.

Like a Boss
Posted on Apr 03, 2012
Like a Boss

Ben got a good back massage right on set during a shoot.  A relief for his porcelain back after all the traveling he has been doing before he latest pitstop in sunny Burbank, California.

Show me on this doll where New Orleans touched you.

Ben had so much fun with DP, Mark, in New Orleans that we dedicated an entire photo album of their good times in the French Quarter on our Facebook page.

How Does Ben Look With a Handlebar?
Posted on Nov 23, 2011
How Does Ben Look With a Handlebar?

Ben's celebrating men's health awareness in a Dallas Moustache with the best of 'em in Texas.  How does he look with one of these bad boys on?  

Ben’s Goes to Texas for Thanksgiving

Ben's ventured south to Texas for a stay with crewsers for the Thanksgiving holiday.  The word Texas is from a Caddo Indian word "teyshas" (meaning "friends".  Ben feels right at home here with a gang of his newfound Texan pals.

Ben sharing Tony Bennett’s outlook on the city.

"My love waits there in San Francisco Above the blue and windy sea When I come home to you, San Francisco Your golden sun will shine for me" lyrics from 'I Left My Heart In San Francisco'

Bidding Farewell to Northern Cali
Posted on Jun 15, 2011
Bidding Farewell to Northern Cali

Before bidding farewell to his visit with San Francisco crewsers, Ben breezed by headquarters for the world's largest online auction marketplace based out of San Jose, California.

Chicago Auto Show Gets a Surprise Visitor

As Ben's final attraction in the windy city he decides to check out the Chicago Auto Show. While there he conducted a few interviews, got some b-roll footage, ate a sandwich, and managed to stay out of trouble. Overall, Ben really enjoyed his stay in Chicago and wishes the he could go back sometime soon.

The Windy City Invites Ben Back
Posted on Jul 15, 2010
The Windy City Invites Ben Back

So last time Ben was in Chicago he was thrown out of the Linkin Park Zoo for taunting the animals. This time he decided to take it easy and do some sightseeing. After a long day of walking around Chicago he settled down at a bar named Cheers and was fascinated by the fact that, despite never being there before, everyone knew his name.

Ben Visits the Stanley Cup
Posted on Jun 06, 2010
Ben Visits the Stanley Cup

Anyone who knows Ben knows that he is a huge fan of hockey. So when he was offered the opportunity to attend this years Stanley Cup he went stiff with excitement. While you can't quite see it in this picture, Ben is all smiles.

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