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Brad Spinsby

Many of you know Brad Spinsby as a staff blog writer and Production Manager during his four years at Crews Control. Currently, Brad is the Media Production Specialist for a non-profit organization in...

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Rebekah Toth Burns

Rebekah is the Crews Control’s official “Social Butterfly” as she spends her day fluttering between blogs, tweets, podcasts and surfing the web. She is also a self proclaimed video geek who...

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Randy Palubiak

Randy Palubiak is an industry analyst and business media strategist with over 30 years of experience in visual communications covering enterprise communications. broadcast television, media and video...

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Tony Muzzatti

Washington DC native Tony Muzzatti is the latest addition to the Crews Control team. When he is not scouring the internet for fabulous content to share he manages Crews Control’s social media...

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Jeremy Person

Jeremy Person is the Group Director of Corporate Communications at a Fortune 100 company where his team is responsible for developing, maintaining and supporting all internal web operations including...

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Tim Lorang

Timothy Lorang is the founder and Executive Partner for Image Media Partners, Inc., an online and social media marketing and consulting agency based in Seattle, Washington. He is an award winning...

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Adam Shanker

Adam Shanker has been an independent NY DP since 1983 and has worked with Crews Control since 1997.  When he is not hosting F3 seminars he can be found on the set shooting documentaries, working for...

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Andrea Keating

Andrea Keating introduced the industry to the concept of a freelance film and video staffing company in 1988. And since then, “It’s been an incredible experience made all the better by great...

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Rocky Wyler

Rocky Wyler grew up in the biz as a son of a TV Producer.  He co-founded one of the largest Production Companies in Miami, FL with his brother.  Rocky has been able to hone his trade, as a DP, over...

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Kevin Braband

Kevin has been in the business since 1980. As a producer, Director, DP, and Steadicam operator.  As the owner of a Production Company, he provides his DP skills using many types of camera packages...

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Curt Pair

Curt Pair started capturing images professionally as a still photographer in his teens. He moved into video/motion imaging in 1991, working in broadcast news. In 2000 he formed his own production...

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Kacey Trent

Kacey Trent is the Social Media Specialist for a well-established nonprofit organization. She has been a Crews Control contributing blogger for over a year now and likes to write about business and...

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