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Contributor: Rocky Wyler

Rocky Wyler

Rocky Wyler grew up in the biz as a son of a TV Producer.  He co-founded one of the largest Production Companies in Miami, FL with his brother.  Rocky has been able to hone his trade, as a DP, over the past 3 decades working on reality TV shows, cable networks, videos for corporate clients, commercials, and pretty much anything else that needs to be captured with a camera.

Rocky Wyler's Articles

Fix it with Green Screen
Posted by Rocky Wyler on Apr 14, 2014 & filed under Corporate Communications with 0 comments.
Fix it with Green Screen

Every DP gets the same feeling when they hear, “client wants green screen”. It starts with the thought of “how small of a room are they going to jam us into this time to do this”?

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Audio: When Shooting For Reality Television
Posted by Rocky Wyler on Aug 08, 2012 & filed under Blog Home with 2 comments.
Audio: When Shooting For Reality Television

When shooting reality television, many challenges come into play for everyone involved, producers, DP’s, audio; and it is important for everyone to work together to face these challenges. Audio has their own set of challenges when shooting reality, and as a DP I know how difficult these challenges can be and how much they affect the whole production. For starters you need to have a good A1. Without an experienced person, all the technology in the world can’t save you from an audio disaster....

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