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RTap Your Mac Potential To Thunderbolt With AJA’s T-Tap
Posted by Brad Spinsby on 06 06, 2012 & filed under Technical.

Shooting the highest resolution is optimal in most situations, but often you are limited by what your editing system can output. AJA has made a device called that T-Tap that can output from any Thunderbolt activated Mac via HDMI or SDI to up to 2K resolution. Thunderbolt is a technology developed as a joint venture between Apple and Intel that allows for bidirectional transfer speeds of up to 10gb/second bidirectionally. Additionally the T-Tap has HDMI and HD-SDI ports that will send out signals simultaneously so you can output to a professional device via the SDI port and a consumer device with the HDMI at the same time. The T-Tap is a device smaller than a cell phone that you can plug into your Thunderbolt port, so if you are editing onsite with your Mac laptop but need to output at full resolution the T-Tap can make that happen.  AJA’s T-Tap will also allow output full 10 bit or 8 bit 4:2:2 resolutions from 525i at 29.97 all the way up to 2K 1080PsF 24 or 25. It also outputs up to 8 channels of embedded 24 bit audio for those looking for 5.1 or 7.1 sound.

The T-Tap will run for under $250 and is a perfect device for those Mac users who love their Thunderbolt but need professional outputs from their computer. This device is great for outputting from your Mac to a professional monitor or projector through the SDI port or just a consumer monitor through HDMI. If 3-D is your thing, you can output a 3-D signal from the Mac using the T-Tap to a 3-D monitor which allows you to view the footage in 3-D instead of fields. Imagine being able to use the T-Tap to send a 10 bit 2K signal to a professional projector and screening your project without the need for a high-end professional system. To make this happen all you would need is your Mac computer, a little Thunderbolt, the AJA T-Tap, and big, high-resolution dreams. What’s the point of shooting in the best resolution if you can’t take advantage of viewing the image? T-Tap makes it possible to see the full scope of your work utilizing just your Mac laptop.
Interesting in T-Tapping the potential of your Mac Laptop? Let us know any potential application you think you would use with T-Tap.

Brad Spinsby

About the Author: Brad Spinsby

Many of you know Brad Spinsby as a staff blog writer and Production Manager during his four years at Crews Control. Currently, Brad is the Media Production Specialist for a non-profit organization in Chicago, IL. He spends his days managing audio...Find out more


#1 from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on June 13, 2012

I do a lot of national news coverage, this seems like a great tool to pair with satellite trucks. Stories could be quickly edited, or footage could be paired down, then exported through the t tap hd-sdi port saving satellite time.

#2 from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on June 22, 2012

Does your Sat truck have a thunderbolt input?  That seems like an odd input for a Sat truck but you would know better than I.

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