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Meet the National Education Association’s Director of PR and Video, Andy Linebaugh

No one knows the importance of education like the leaders of the National Education Association, I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Andy Linebaugh, a man on the go as the organization's PR director. He has a been a client of Crews Control for more than a decade and knows the value of good video—and good relationships.Following is our Q&A:

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What Do Videographers Want When It Comes to Continuing Education?

As many of us who have worked in the video industry for years have come to know, creative industries like ours are always morphing and changing. That's why keeping up with technology, trends, and new opportunities is so important to our success and growth as employees, artists, and video technicians. It's exciting to be able to offer so many opportunities for professional development and continuing education through Crews Control University. Since 2010, we have had the opportunity to help...

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Continuing Ed for Creative Endurance
Posted by Andrea Keating on Mar 08, 2011 & filed under Industry Events with 0 comments.

Emerging new media and technology are ever-evolving factors that influence how creative professionals produce for our industry. Newer tools, methods and software are being released by the time we've mastered the last greatest thing to come along. How do creative’s stay ahead of the changes and still consistently produce fresh and relative content? We wanted to know about professional development for creative’s so we took a poll to get an idea. It turns out; production professionals are...

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Crews Control University
Posted by Andrea Keating on Jul 27, 2010 & filed under Industry Events with 0 comments.

Crews Control teams up with the best equipment resellers, manufactures and video production solutions providers for Crews Control University.  Our free classes provide an opportunity for our contacts to discuss video production solutions with their peers and with our experts with a minimum time investment.  The classes are usually 4 hours or less and include lunch...yummy.

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