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Optimize YouTube Video with Tags and Keywords
Posted by Tim Lorang on Mar 02, 2012 & filed under Corporate Communications with 6 comments.
Optimize YouTube Video with Tags and Keywords

One of the most common mistakes video producers make when they post videos on the internet is to not do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the video. Search engines cannot see the content of a video and they depend upon the metadata or the closed caption transcript to know what the video is about. This post will describe how to optimize the metadata on YouTube for SEO.

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Captivating Audiences with Breakthrough Social Video
Posted by Andrea Keating on Apr 22, 2011 & filed under Technical with 0 comments.

The distinction between corporate web presentation and consumer-driven online content is narrowing. Corporations have gone as far as imitating the candid home-made video style hoping to recreate the viral success seen by funny pets and cute babies candidly caught on cam. Does this strategy work in corporate marketing communications-- or does it generate more buzz for faking a viral video?

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The Social Video Revolution is Now
Posted by Andrea Keating on Apr 12, 2011 & filed under Technical with 0 comments.

Social Media is the new “publicity”. Friend it, like it, share it; its here to stay. What gets people to interact , share their experience, endorse your brand, and influence others to do the same? Good video. If people aren’t interacting with your content and sharing it with others, your business simply isn’t emerging with the times. Is your marcom [marketing communications] strategy in motion for the Social Video Revolution? Social Video Marketing is where content producers and...

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Socializing Video:  The Most Fun Your Brand’s Ever Had
Posted by Andrea Keating on Mar 31, 2011 & filed under Technical with 1 comments.

Whether your organization is a lanyard wholesaler or the largest commercial insurer on the planet, your customer/client base as a whole reflects a fraction of your potential viewership audience for socialized video. When organizations align with their audience through interactive media, the results are optimal engagement and branded influence. No content delivery is more apt to deliver these results than mobile-formatted high quality video. Socializing brand messaging with video cultivates...

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