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Randy Palubiak is an industry analyst and business media strategist with over 30 years of experience in visual communications covering enterprise communications. broadcast television, media and video...

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8 Key Business Objectives and Benefits to Using Digital Media in the Enterprise

Digital media knows no boundaries. It is just as useful serving internal audiences as it is serving external audiences. Senior corporate executives and executives from virtually all departments and business units in enterprise organizations including communication, sales, IT, and human resources are leveraging digital media to improve employee training and internal corporate communications. In addition, the systems are used to extend the reach to other key target audiences such as affiliates,...

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White Paper: Deliverable Data Management and Hard Drive Usage in Video Production

The media deliverable is essential to how the footage you’ve shot will be backed up on site and imported to your editing suite. At the time you book your shoot with your Crews Control production manager you also need to discuss not only the crew size and style of your shoot but also how to handle the deliverable; what media type(s), format(s), frame size(s) and frame rate(s) you want based on what your editor can import. Currently, the most popular choice is to go tapeless which usually...

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White Paper: Planning and Executing Live Streaming Production.

If you are tasked with streaming rich media content for quarterly meetings, CEO/ top level management direct address company wide or any other live/on-demand video to the desktop communication with-in your organization or for a client we recommend that you download Webcasting Production Practices Guide. Hugh Taylor the VP of Marketing for MediaPlatform, formally known as IVT, has put together this easy to understand white paper that goes over the 5 steps of a webcast production.

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