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Our reputation is on the line on each and every shoot. That is why here at Crews Control we only represent the best. The best talent … with the best equipment. Our screening process is the strictest in the industry, guaranteeing our client's satisfaction shoot after shoot.

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Camera Crews

We represent the very best creative talent in major cities worldwide. All of our video crews start with a Crews Control-approved Director of Photography (DP) and their broadcast-level camera package.

Crews Control crews must:

  • Have at least 10 years corporate video experience.
  • Own a broadcast-level high-definition camera package.
  • Have a demo reel that will knock our socks off.
  • Pass our stringent qualification process that evaluates values, video-framing techniques, professionalism and creativity.
  • Bring the highest level of client service to each and every shoot.

Once you've been accepted for representation by Crews Control, you join a very select group of creative talent worldwide. We will match you with our corporate video clients who are specifically looking for the best creative talent in your area with your level of expertise and your video equipment. You gain the opportunity to work with great new clients, while we handle all the booking, billing and collections. And, because we take the time to get to know you, you are connected with opportunities that will make the most of your creative talents.

Crews Control represents DPs only. If you are a production professional but not a DP with a broadcast-level camera, you can still be represented for work in your area of expertise through our sister company, TeamPeople, by applying at

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This Sony 4K player is great for Event Producers, staging companies, or any organization that need to playback XAVC 4K, HD XAVC Intra, and HD MPEG-2 Long GOP 50Mbps. The unit is DC powerable, small, and portable for on-location productions but it can also be used in the edit suite or machine room. The player can read any type of SxS card and SD cards or memory sticks can both be used with an adapter. Currently, it has a HDMI and 3G-SDI interface for playback. The player also has two USB interfaces, one for a mouse and the other can transfer footage to an external drive. Sony’s target release for this player is the end of 2014.

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