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We're are always looking for ways to make your life easier! So we give you the O’Snap App so that you’ll always have the best crews in the business right at your fingertips!


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If you’re already a Crews client, we’ve got an even easier way to book a great crew; the O’Snap application - a downloadable desktop icon that gives you a consolidated crew request form you can send right to your own Crews Control Production a snap. Just download O'Snap to your desktop; you’ll always have the best crews in the business, literally, just a click away.  

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This Sony 4K player is great for Event Producers, staging companies, or any organization that need to playback XAVC 4K, HD XAVC Intra, and HD MPEG-2 Long GOP 50Mbps. The unit is DC powerable, small, and portable for on-location productions but it can also be used in the edit suite or machine room. The player can read any type of SxS card and SD cards or memory sticks can both be used with an adapter. Currently, it has a HDMI and 3G-SDI interface for playback. The player also has two USB interfaces, one for a mouse and the other can transfer footage to an external drive. Sony’s target release for this player is the end of 2014.

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