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Meet the Crew Behind the Crews

Posted by Kim Moseman on November 15, 2017

Birthday: October 20th

Carolyn BeanWant to know more about Carolyn?

Get to know Carolyn even better with staff secrets about our Business Manager:

Born in Hyattsville, MD, Carolyn is one of five children and grew up in Adelphi, MD. Carolyn uses her knowledge from her Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Maryland, College Park to master and manage our accounts payable with speed and efficiency.

Her daily motto of “have a positive outlook on everything in life” speaks volumes to how she always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude that radiates around the office.

When she is not at our office, Carolyn loves to spend time with her friends and family, including her four-month-old granddaughter, Riley, who she says is the sunshine of her life. Carolyn also loves to cook, travel, and road-trip with her husband all across the U.S. in their RV.  Her next adventure is a World Cruise in 2019 that stops at 21 countries and 44 ports.

The definition of “Carolyn”


/CAIR-o-lin/ noun

  1. Carolyn is our resident cheerleader and “work mom.”
  2. Carolyn always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude.
  3. Drop a super ball and watch it bounce all over the place. That is Carolyn.
  4. Carolyn is the most upbeat and bubbly person in the office!
  5. She’s a positive and happy teammate who is always willing to help with a smile.

Synonyms: silly, sweet, perky, bubbly, happy, smiley, generous, kind-spirited, high-energy, enthusiastic about everything, team player, upbeat

Fun Facts about Carolyn 

  • Carolyn is a fitness fanatic!
  • She and her mom attended college together.
  • She is our longest-tenured employee here at Crews Control (after Andrea).
  • She and her husband, Art, bought an RV so they could go to concerts up and down the east coast.
  • She can hold a plank for over 5 minutes!
  • She cuts and styles her own hair.

Of the Crews Control team, Carolyn is the go-to person for… 


“…client and crew invoicing questions.”


“…a laugh and a smile.”

“…all things invoices and supplies!”

But wait… There’s more!

That’s not all there is to know about our Business Manager. Comment below to share your great stories about Carolyn!

Carolyn can help you get a quote for a crew on your next job!

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