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With just one phone call or click, you are on your way to working with the very best location video crews in the business. Need a video crew next Monday in Maui? Got it. Need a top-notch crew in Tokyo tomorrow? We have you covered. With over 2,000 local video crews, we can match you with the perfect crew anywhere in the world, anytime.

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Why Are We A Producer’s First Call for Location Production Crews?

  • Our first client is still our client … 25 years later. In fact, 98% of the producers who call us for a first shoot call us for a second and a third …
  • Your Crews Control Production Manager will handpick the perfect crew for you based on your specs on a per-shoot basis. Because we have multiple crews in each location, your Crews Control Production Manager will make sure you are working with the ideal video crew for your project, not just a crew that is available.
  • You have your favorite crews that are the best in your local market, and we represent that same caliber of crew in every market, worldwide.
  • Each crew we represent owns the latest and very best broadcast-level equipment, and since they all have a minimum of 10 years of shooting experience, and they know how to get the shots you need.
  • We provide the best customer service, always. Your Crews Control Production Manager is available 24/7/365 to help you with any logistics or details. After each and every shoot, we follow up to be sure you got exactly what you needed and that the crew exceeded your expectations.


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