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We’re the Creative Matchmakers.

Finding the perfect talent for your project – every time, anywhere – isn’t an easy job. But for the experts at Crews Control, it’s all we know. All too often, the word “perfect” is thrown around by companies and businesses, regardless of industry…and all too often, the services consumers get back in return are anything but.

We mean it when we say we will match you with the perfect creative team for your project – whether you are creating a corporate training video, picking up drone B-roll footage, capturing client testimonials, animating a medical procedure, or streaming a live event.  Over half of the Fortune 500 companies turn to us for their internal, external, marketing, and training projects time and time again.  And we have the best creative teams worldwide for your project as well.






Camera Crews

Booking a Camera Crews Shouldn't Be YOUR Full-Time Job...It's Ours.

As the leading creative agency representing the very best video crews and Directors of Photography (DPs) globally, we carefully match our client’s needs with the Crews Control crew that boasts the gear, creativity, and experience to ensure a successful location shoot – each and every time.

How do we do it? It’s simple: We only represent the very best talent in each market.  We’ve interviewed thousands of video crews and DPs around the world, evaluated their backgrounds, checked their references, and critiqued their demo reels with a keen eye to bring you the best local video crews and support personnel worldwide.  To us, it's not just booking a crew for you, but rather matching you with the perfect creative team to make your production shine.

We make sure booking a camera crew is simple…so you can focus on your big picture creative vision, not the nitty-gritty details.

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Full Production Services

Full Turn-Key Production is an area Crews Control excels in, offering key players such as Emmy-award winning Production Managers who gather all the details on your creative vision for your project and put together the perfect creative team for you. Think of your Production Manager as an extension of your staff – assisting you with coordinating creative talent, equipment, locations, and any of the dozens of other tasks that go into making a production run smoothly.

No one ever picked stale over fresh. Because we boast a global talent base, your Crews Control Production Manager will make sure you are working with the best creative team for your project type, creative approach, and budget.  Would you like some choices?  No problem! We have our global creative teams to offer you...not just the same creative team that “happens to be available” - keeping your projects creative and fresh.

You can rest assured knowing your Production Manager is also available 24/7/365 to assist with any logistics or details.

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live event

Crews Control Call Studio TV

Covid-19 has changed the way corporations communicate with their customers, employees, and shareholders.  In-person meetings, conferences, tradeshows, town halls, and live events are restricted and organizations have been forced to work with platforms such as WebEx and Zoom.  These platforms are functional but do not offer the higher level of professional production that Fortune 500 companies, agencies and associations require to protect their brand.

Crews Control CSTV USA offers the next evolution of audience engagement.

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open reel


User-Generated Content: The phrase that strikes fear in the hearts of producers and editors worldwide. But what if there was a platform that allowed you to direct that content and control the look, pacing, framing, and most importantly your brand and messaging?

We all know nothing will replace the fabulous images capture by a Crews Control Crew… after all they have decades of experience and are the best videographers in the business with superb framing, lighting and pacing.

But we all know there are times when there is not the budget or the option to bring in a great outside crew and your internal client says they're going to "shoot it ourselves."

Enter OpenReel, a great tool (app) that enables producers to remotely capture and live direct HD video anywhere right from your desk. The technology allows footage to be recorded locally on the subject’s device, ensuring that the full quality is recorded and sent directly to the cloud. It works on both Apple and Web-based platforms, allowing you to remotely pair with another phone or tablet.

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production studio rental

Global Production Studios

Full production studios with connectivity available anytime, anywhere for your live video tours, product demos, town halls and C level announcements anywhere in the world. Located in all major cities worldwide we offer you an opportunity to expand your services you offer to your internal and external clients to full studio services with the option to live remote direct from any location in the world.

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motion graphics animation

Animation & Motion Graphics

Our animation and motion graphics teams are global bringing you the freshest and most creative talent from around the globe for your animation, motion graphics, and post-production projects.

Just as Crews Control works as an extension of your in-house team and resources for location crews we can offer you the same guaranteed highest production quality and project management customer service for your animation and motion graphics work.

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arht media

ARHT Media

Crews Control is now a strategic partner with ARHT Media bringing their Virtual Global Stage™ (VGS) and HoloPresence™ solutions, that are shaking up virtual events and the corporate conference world.

ARHT Media has created a Holographic Telepresence experience called “HoloPresence™” which allows speakers to be beamed around the globe, as lifelike and life-sized interactive holograms in real-time to meetings and event locations worldwide.

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file transfer

File Transfer Solution

MASV’s accelerated cloud solution removes the complexity of traditional file transfer solutions by eliminating the need for software, firewall changes, and plugins—delivered through a client-friendly user interface. Crews Control can now provide preferential pricing for all clients with our exclusive pricing offer.

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Still Photography

The same amazing team that has assisted you with your global video production needs is now expanding to offer still photography resources beyond domestic markets

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Whether you're looking for assistance with creating a media and video strategy, building a strong team, enhancing your workflows, or recommendations on technology, our Consulting Services have you covered.

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Live Streaming

Live event streaming has quickly grown as one of the most prominent mediums in video production. While it's easier now than ever for anyone to live stream from pretty much anywhere, the success of a live event starts with the quality of the team you have on the ground.

With all of the variables that go into a live production, you need the very best team at your disposal. And here at Crews Control we guarantee to match you with the best local production crews and streaming teams in any of our 350 cities around the globe.

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Let Crews Control transform your
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Camera Crew for Hire in Every Major City

Since 1988, we've been providing the perfect crew for each and every job…so it should come as no surprise that from New York to Los Angeles, London to Lebanon and Hong Kong to Honolulu, Crews Control boasts multiple camera crews in every major city around the world.

The creative diversity exuded by our camera crews allows Crews Control to select the ideal crew for each project based on that job’s specific objectives, constraints, and creative aspirations.

Corporate Video Production

Regardless of what your corporate video strategy is for this year – and into the future – it is important to make sure you always have the right crew for each job. Crews Control allows you to find a crew perfectly tailored to your project’s specific requirements anywhere in the U.S. or the world.

Crews Control has been at the forefront of the corporate video evolution, routinely improving and adding to our workflow with the latest technologies to vividly advance our storytelling process. We have always possessed the ability to tell a corporate story for our clients; now, with such advancements as portable dollies, drones, 6k cameras, ultra-portable lighting, 8k resolution platforms, supercomputers, image stabilizers and our signature style, authentic corporate video that is gorgeous, dynamic, entertaining and informative has become a reality.


And That’s Just the Beginning…

From hiring a camera crew that is among the most talented, professional and creative in the entire industry, to shooting beautiful aerial drone footage, captivating motion graphics, multiple location live streaming events to full script to screen turnkey productions....your project’s future looks brighter than ever with Crews Control.





A perfect video production takes
a perfect creative team

Every City. Every Country. Every Time! Regardless of location, we have the perfect creative team for you!