“Crews Control was born over a beer and a burger…”

That beer & burger launched the world’s leading creative production services agency!

Our History

Crews Control was born over a beer and a burger. It was 1988 and founder Andrea Keating was having dinner with a producer who was lamenting the cost of sending a video crew from Washington, DC to Kansas City to shoot one interview. The travel costs and travel time costs were as much as the shoot day rates itself. Andrea, who had helped start up a creative agency in Washington, DC knew there was great talent in Washington, DC and Kansas City and every other major city in the US as well. The challenge was knowing who was the best camera person in each city. Andrea promised to find the very best video crew in Kansas for that producer, saving them location and travel costs. And she did… and they were thrilled with the quality of the crew.

Over 30 years later… that first producer is still a client… and tens of thousands of shoots later, and now working globally, Crews Control is a producer’s first choice for booking location crews worldwide. We work for over half of the Fortune 500 corporate video producers and with independent producers and production companies worldwide.

Andrea believes that providing the very best crews, excellent customer services, and constant communication are three keys to the success of Crews Control’s growth. We here at Crews Control want producers to think differently about how to book talent worldwide and not have to resort to website listings or a “google search and a prayer” to find the very best talent to help them capture their vision. We are here, we have the very best video crew for your shoot guaranteed and are waiting for your call and the opportunity to bring your project to life.

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