Client Testimonials

“Yes, I am Shouting!”

“THE CREW WAS AMAZING!!! MAY BE MY NEW FAVORITE!! Yes, I am shouting! Such great guys and everything looked great. You could tell they really wanted everything to be perfect. Refreshing!”


“You and Your Team All Made It Easy”

“I wanted to take a moment to say what a pleasure it was filming with you and your team on Wednesday. You all are true pros and it was a lot of fun to watch it all come together. I really enjoyed your crew as well. They were awesome and jumped in to help across the board, so please give them a ‘thank you’ from me. I will definitely request you next time I’m in this city. It was a lot to get through in an afternoon, but you and your team all made it easy.”


“Confident to Stake my Reputation in Crews Control”

“I have utilized Crews Control in past professions, and you have always been exceptional. When my professional reputation is on the line, I am confident to stake my reputation in recommending Crews Control.”


“Exactly the Footage we Needed”

“I want to thank you so much for the outstanding job done by you and your crew. All the videotapes look and sound great. I am especially amazed that you were able to get such good video inside a moving subway train! We are well along into the editing process and thanks to you we have exactly the footage that we need. Again, please accept my sincerest gratitude for a job well done.”

- Steve W., Producer

“Making us Look Good”

“Just wanted to let you know the shoot went very well yesterday. The CEO, who was the person we taped, was very complimentary about the crew, and giving compliments is apparently not something he does often. Thanks to the entire crew for making us look good.”

- Rich M., Senior Associate

“Nice Equipment”

“The shoot went really well. Troy and his sound guy Darryl were very professional and friendly. Great working with them, and nice equipment too! Diva Light-wow!”

- Chuck P., President

“Beautifully Composed”

“We just completed the Johnson Medal videos and screened them last night for a large international audience at Johnson & Johnson headquarters. Everything was very enthusiastically received. I want to take time to thank you for the tremendous work you and your crew did at J&J Wound Management. The footage was beautifully composed and shot, and it was a pleasure for my editor and I to work with it. While “long-distance” can be very daunting, I had great confidence from our first conversation and was delighted by the consistent artistic and professional quality of your work. Thanks again to you and your crew for a job well done, and best wishes for your continued success!”

- Dennis N., President

“Worked Together Perfectly”

“Graham and Marcus were great to work with. We were somewhat nervous of how things would work out, but we needn’t have worried. They were exemplary. We left them to themselves to go and get the established footage of Las Vegas, and it was plain to see from the hot and bothered state they were in when they made it to the show afterwards that they had been working flat out to get the material we needed, and to then get back to the meeting point with us at the appointed time. All in all, the team of Paul, Graham, Marcus, Becky and myself got on well and worked together perfectly as a team. If this seems like a glowing report, it is meant to. I was more than happy.”

- Quint B., Producer

“You Are My Idol”

“Outstanding is not an adequate word to describe the work your crew did on our shoot. I’m frankly blown away … and I’ve been doing this for 27 years. The footage looks great and the interviews are perfect. Please pass along my sincere appreciation to the rest of the crew. I consider myself somewhat of a “Simon” when it comes to judging the work of my peers. This Simon says, “You are my idol!””

- Bruce H., Video Producer

“Great Attitudes and Efficiency”

“I didn’t want to delay my praise for the crew. Bryan (camera) and Ben (audio) were consummate pros who operated with great attitudes and efficiency. Great people who made for a great working situation. Nice job finding them.”

- Keith P., Producer

“The Epitome of Professional”

“Terry and his crew were the epitome of professional. They make some crews I’ve worked with in the past look like amateurs. Their attention to every detail made all the difference in this shoot, and the efficiency in which everything was done was fantastic. Terry was extremely accommodating to our tight deadline and had everything in place to make things happen in record time.”

- Mark P., Marketing Manager

“Our Editor is Very Happy”

“Just a quick note regarding the shoot on Tuesday. We digitized it, and it looks and sounds wonderful. Our editor is very happy. Please pass along my thanks to the crew!”

- Monica P., Production Coordinator

“Great Footage”

“We are just wrapping up the post right now on the project. The crew was fabulous! Our producer, Craig, truly enjoyed working with Sandy (director of photography) and Mike (audio); they are a good team. They were very professional, understood the shot selection, and were able to capture some great footage with little direction. We would certainly use them again for future shoots in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.”

- Elizabeth M., Producer


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