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Crews Control OpenReel: The Perfect Bridge Between Broadcast Quality and User-Generated Content

We all love that gorgeous footage you can only get from a professional DP with the latest equipment…and we often cringe when viewing user-generated content that is expected to somehow […]


'The Best Brand Videos to Motivate Your 2019 Marketing'

Posted by Andrea Keating on January 9, 2019

'The start of a new year brings opportunity. It’s the chance to start fresh, think bigger, and build towards accomplishing new goals. In terms of marketing, a new year means […]'


'10 Tips for Shooting Video in Athens'

Posted by Kim Moseman on January 4, 2019

'Athens is the capital of Greece and one of the world’s oldest cities, dating all the way back to the Neolithic age.  As the heart of Ancient Greece, it is […]'


'Marketing with VR and AR: The Future of Video'

Posted by Ashley Brook on December 17, 2018

'If you’ve spent any time paying attention to the latest marketing trends in tech and video then you’ve likely heard the terms VR and AR get tossed around pretty frequently. […]'


'How Outsourcing Creative Services Improves the Quality of Productions'

Posted by Kim Moseman on December 13, 2018

'Companies around the globe realize the benefits of outsourcing creative services. A recent study revealed the United States outsourced over 2.4 million jobs since the Great Recession. 57 percent of […]'


'How to Shoot the Best Product Review and Unboxing Videos'

Posted by Valerie Nolan on December 10, 2018

'There’s a certain place down the Youtube rabbit hole that inevitably leads you to watching product reviews. Maybe you’re doing some research on a potential gift, or just want to […]'


'How to Make Cinemagraphs and Where to Use Them'

Posted by Andrea Keating on December 7, 2018

'When is the last time a piece of digital media really surprised you? It seems like we are exposed to so much visual content on a daily basis. Between pop […]'


'Making Animated Videos With An Unforgettable Message'

Posted by Debbie Camper on December 5, 2018

'Animation brings to mind the joy of watching cartoons and animated films. Content creators recognize the power of animation to inspire a sense of wonder in their audience. Find out […]'


'Constructing Perfect Corporate Video'

Posted by Kim Moseman on November 29, 2018

'Our Crews Control crew worked with Accenture to deliver an informative video on Versum Materials and their full rollout of SAP S/4HANA version 1610 Enterprise Management. Our crew shot on […]'


'Why You Should Optimize Videos to Fit Every Screen'

Posted by Ashley Brook on November 26, 2018

'Though they’re increasingly few and far between, we’ve all had a terrible website user experience at one time or another. As the use of mobile devices for entertainment and video […]'


'Role Of A Corporate Video Producer: Six Creative Qualities That Matter'

Posted by Valerie Nolan on November 20, 2018

'Creativity and research are the cornerstones to making an effective corporate video. Marketing videos cannot be dry and impersonal if one hopes to attract a large audience. An original approach […]'


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