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7 Actionable Strategies for Attracting New Business Leads with Video

Since video is the most popular Internet medium, it’s wise for businesses to utilize it for lead generation. How-to, thought leader, and customer journey videos are all effective ways of […]


'How Video Can Help You Boost Customer Retention'

Posted by Andrea Keating on September 13, 2018

'Question: How are customers like fireflies? Answer: They both take much more work to collect than to keep. Getting new customers to trust you with their business for the first […]'


'10 Tips For Shooting Corporate Video in Dublin'

Posted by Kim Moseman on September 7, 2018

'Dublin is a historic city with a modern twist. As the capital of Ireland, stunning architecture expands all over the city to create a unique landscape that any traveling producer […]'


'Astronaut Gives Crews Control Audio A Shoutout'

Posted by Kim Moseman on September 2, 2018

'This week’s hot shot comes to us from Cape Canaveral, Florida at the CCAFS Space Launch Complex 41. Astronaut Christopher Ferguson shared this picture of his launch team with one […]'


'A Beginners Guide to B-Roll Footage'

Posted by Debbie Camper on August 17, 2018

'B-roll is comprised of the visual images which are displayed over the audio of interviews or narration. High-quality B-roll can facilitate the flow of your video while also enhancing its […]'


'The Essential Guide to Video Testimonials'

Posted by Ashley Brook on August 16, 2018

'Video testimonials work better than text-based testimonials or online reviews. A relaxed, casual atmosphere is ideal for getting an interviewee to provide a high-quality testimonial message. Video testimonials can be […]'


'360 Video in the Business World'

Posted by Kim Moseman on August 15, 2018

'As one of the most compelling ways to bring a virtual world straight to an audience, viewership can skyrocket with a 360 video. More and more enterprises are now realizing […]'


'The 2018 Trends That Are Impacting Video Production for Marketing Right Now'

Posted by Andrea Keating on August 13, 2018

'The popularity and success of video marketing continues to increase. Several social media platforms are ramping up their video capabilities to appeal to advertisers and marketers. Video usage by companies […]'


'Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and 360 Video: What’s the Difference?'

Posted by Valerie Nolan on August 8, 2018

'360 (-degree) video provides a view of any angle from where the camera is placed. Virtual reality provides a completely computer-generated environment (like for video games or practicing surgery without […]'


'10 Tips for a Success Corporate Video Shoot in Buenos Aires'

Posted by Kim Moseman on August 3, 2018

'Bueno Aires is Argentina’s bustling cosmopolitan capital. Often called the “Paris” of South America, due to its European style architecture and cosmopolitan people, Buenos Aires has plenty to offer any […]'


'American Family Insurance’s Dream Drive with the Green Bay Packers'

Posted by Kim Moseman on July 30, 2018

'This week’s hot shot comes to us from American Family Insurance and the Green Bay Packers. One of our Crews Control crews had the privilege of shooting the 2018 DreamDrive […]'


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