Why Our Crews Love Us


Crews Control brings the projects to you, because you’ve proven your abilities, talent and professionalism. We will connect you with some of the world’s best-known companies, television networks and nonprofit organizations, and then handle the booking, billing and collections.

“The Best of the Best”

“There’s nothing like working with a company that handpicks crews based on talent and experience. Being one of Crews Control’s go-to resources gives me the confidence that I’m working with the best of the best.”

— CEO, Anaheim, California

“Always a Great Experience”

“I can’t imagine why a crew would not want to sign on with Crews Control! They do such a great job from the start of the project to the end. It’s truly seamless, and always a great experience with the clients that we are paired with.”

— President, Miami, Florida

“Crews Control Does The Job & Does It So Well!”

“I have been impressed with Crews Control since the very beginning. The staff is very experienced and always on top of everything. Equally impressive is their ability to provide quality crews in many challenging locations across the world. Having worked with crewing agencies over the past 15 years, I’m proud to say that we’ve worked exclusively with Crews Control for the past 10 years. Why change anything when Crews Control does the job and does it so well!”

— President, New York, New York

“A Win-Win Situation For The Clients & Crew”

“Working with Crews Control is a win-win situation for the clients and crew. Each client is matched with seasoned, experienced video professionals. The production crew gets to work with clients who know what to expect, so everyone can concentrate on what they do best!”

— President, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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