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Crews Control is now a strategic partner with ARHT Media bringing their Virtual Global Stage™ (VGS) and HoloPresence™ solutions, that are shaking up virtual events and the corporate conference world. ARHT Media has created a Holographic Telepresence experience called “HoloPresence™” which allows speakers to be beamed around the globe, as lifelike and life-sized interactive holograms in real-time to meetings and event locations worldwide. This allows corporations, associations, and PR and news agencies to have their business leaders, subject matter experts or celebrities present live on the Virtual Global Stage™ and at in-person events thanks to the HoloPresence™ Display. Presenters can appear both remotely and in-person in front of audiences anywhere in the world.

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Industry Successes

The reasons many clients are turning to this form of “business theater” technology from ARHT Media is:

1. Corporate leaders, high profile conference speakers and Subject Matter Experts (SME) are still restricted by travel times. HoloPresence™ allows speakers to present “live” as interactive holograms in multiple cities and countries in the same day.

2. Clients’ research shows HoloPresence™ achieves better promoter scores than live presentations with higher entertainment value, higher recall of subject matter and the high tech “wow” factor.

3. Professional speakers and entertainers prefer HoloPresence™ as it reduces their travel time and costs, and often reduces their speaker fees as they are still working locally. Plus, they get more time to spend on other priorities thanks to the reduction in travel.

4. HoloPresence™ helps reduce an organization’s carbon footprint by allowing people to reduce their regular travel.

A Solution to ZOOM Fatigue

ARHT Media’s Virtual Global Stage™ (“VGS”) was fast tracked to development due to COVID-19. It is a fully virtual solution. VGS brings one or multiple presenters together, side-by-side, on a common virtual stage like they would be at a typical physical event venue. The power to bring multiple presenters together, in real time, as if they were on the same stage, but potentially continents apart, is truly unique. Each presenter can see the others, engage with a moderator, and answer questions in real-time.

Body language is more than 50% of a speaker’s messaging and the “talking heads” of ZOOM, a video roll in or other platforms won’t suffice. Virtual Global Stage™ aids in the battle of fighting ZOOM and “talking head” fatigue during the era of virtual and hybrid events.

Graphic & Visual Aids

More than just presenters, ARHT’s HoloPresence™ and Virtual Global Stage™ solutions can also help amplify the audiences’ experiences through engaging and dynamic 3D visual aids that can complement a speaker’s presentation and really impress viewers with highly engaging visuals.

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