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We know you’ve got a lot of responsibilities on your plate and are constantly aware of your looming deadlines. Finding the perfect crew for your video shoot – every time, anywhere – isn’t an easy task and may seem like a full-time job in and of itself! That’s where we step in and save the day. As the leading creative agency representing the very best video crews, we carefully match our client’s needs with the crew that boasts the gear, creativity, and experience to ensure a successful shoot – each and every time. We ensure booking a camera crew is simple… that way you can focus solely on your production; as it should be.

What Type of Production Are You Producing?

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  • Corporate Event Coverage
  • Internal Training Videos
  • Employee Recruitment Videos
  • Product Demonstration Videos

…And Everything In-Between!

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Dedicated Production Manager

As soon as you contact Crews Control, your expert Production Manager kicks things into high-gear. You’ll be able to count on your Production Manager as an extension of your staff – assisting you with coordinating equipment, call times and any of the dozens of other tasks that go into making a location production run smoothly, anywhere in the world! You can rest assured knowing your Production Manager is also available 24/7/365 to assist with any logistics, details, “fires to put out.”

Custom-Tailored Expert Crews

Our DP’s must possess a minimum of 10 years’ experience, have their own broadcast-level camera package, follow our standardized production values and techniques and exhibit the most professional, creative and energetic attitudes in the business. Your Crews Control Production Manager hand-picks the ideal crew for you based on your specs on a per-shoot basis, ensuring you are working with the ideal video crew for your project – not just with a crew that “happens to be available.”

For our clients, it’s the opportunity to work with the very best production professionals – no matter where in the world you are. And the best part? We do the bookings and billings for you.

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