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Back in 2017, Crews Control began hosting Video & Broadcast Executive Roundtables.  Our Roundtables are private, invite-only events that are designed to facilitate collaboration, disruption and to elevate our collective industry. We see a great need to take this approach in tackling challenges, trends and opportunities facing executives in the video production landscape. We normally have industry experts as panelists that present case studies. 

We meet on a regular basis, both virtually and in-person, across the US to discuss industry trends and corporate communications. Our standard Roundtables represent Heads of Broadcast and Video teams for global brands across the Fortune 500 and elite Agency Networks.

We are also committed to the next generation of video production talent.  As industry experts, we find ourselves at a unique advantage in facilitating this training of production newcomers. We have expanded our traditional Roundtables and created a new and separate group designed specifically for the next generation of up-and-coming video production talent, who may be looking to break into the industry or further develop their careers and network by learning from more senior practitioners.  If you are an entry-level individual, we would love to connect with you. 

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