Consulting Overview

Consulting Overview

Our exclusive consulting offering moves our position from day-to-day shoots and line managers, to the position of advisor that can help transform, revamp and/or set up a video offering for corporate and agency clients. Crews Control secure senior relationships in addition to influencing the organizational structure, staffing, processes, technology and studio set up. In helping organizations design a more nimble and productive video operations, clients realize cost savings, increase productivity and speed to market of video products. 

The Areas of Consulting

  • Strategy (developing/updating video strategy at an executive comms level) 
  • People (right sizing the team based on work tiering, pipeline and budget) 
  • Process (best way to optimize the group, workflow consulting, what should be outsourced/in-sourced, what models (hybrid/traditional/outsourcing) would work best for the organization. 
  • Technology (recommendations on hardware/software/OpenReel options for direct capture) 
  • Studio design (through strategic partnerships, deliver design and build out services on markup) 

The Team: We have custom built a stable of SMEs to serve as advisors and an extension of client team 

Practice leads are dedicated and experienced Sr. Consultants with 20+ years of global studio management both in a Fortune 500 & Agency environments. SMEs have experience with merging, right-sizing teams while driving performance. SMEs understand scalable hybrid and outsourcing models. 

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