Re-Organizing Production Studios in a Post-COVID World


Post Covid-19 strategy

Whether you lead a tiger team for an agency, or a 50+ multi-continent video team, your return post COVID-19 will require more planning than the physical safety of your employees and subjects. Crews Control Consulting can lead you through the financial impacts, a go-forward communications strategy and how to integrate video into the new normal we are building as an industry. With a stable of global practice leaders who span agency and corporate experience, we can help you design a new normal for your team, from hybrid models to KPIs, we’ve got you covered.

Post Covid-19 people

Different teams have been impacted in different ways. Some media teams afford the ability to hire staff to meet the growing demand for video, others unfortunately are faced with difficult decisions of who to lay-off or furlough. Don’t make those decisions alone, tap on the expertise of our Practice Leaders and allow Crews Control Consulting to design a people model that maximizes for a post Covid workflow.

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Post Covid-19 process

What does a return to the office look like? Who is staying remote? What does Hybrid mean, when edit suites might be a thing of the past? COVID-19 has certainly shaken the world, but it has also shined a light on the importance of video. As Agencies and Corporations look at traditional models, outsourcing and hybrid teams, Crews Control Consulting is a partner in designing a process workflow that meets the needs of your video organization. Realize the benefits of increasing capacity, explore cutting edge options for remote work let us work with your team to design a work-flow process that will optimize the talent on your team, industry best practices and deliver success through these difficult times and beyond.

Post Covid-19 technology

Technology is what enabled entire companies to go virtual in the wake of COVID-19. Now more than ever companies value the power of collaboration of virtual teams. Take advantage of the opportunity to help your company remain nimble and agile leveraging communication technology to support remote or hybrid media teams, work with Crews Control Consulting.

Studio Buildouts Post-Covid-19

What does a return look like? When we return, media teams and their physical spaces and edit suites require different planning and buildouts for a safe return post-COVID-19. Our studio design engineering vendors have their pulse on available buildouts and solutions for everything from pod-cast rooms to edit suites. Let Crews Control Consulting help you identify and select a partner that will customize a physical space that will still allow for collaboration, but safely meeting your firm’s requirements for physical spaces for media teams.

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