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Award-winning Miami video production crews

Miami is a hub of sunny beaches, Cuban-American cuisine, nightlife and much more. It could also be the ideal backdrop for your next corporate video. Whether your team is based in Miami or is just in town for an event, you’ll find it’s a great filming location, especially if you partner with an expert video production team familiar with the area.

One reason to choose a Florida location for your next video shoot is the same reason the state is so popular with tourists: the weather. Even when it’s frigid in the northern states, you can find warm outdoor vistas in Miami and the surrounding area, ready to welcome your crew.

The art deco facades of palm-tree-lined Ocean Drive in Miami Beach can add a neon touch to your video content. Calle Ocho in the heart of Little Havana is a colorful, thrilling place to capture B-roll. Downtown, you can film in front of the gleaming office towers of the financial sector.

To the east of the bustling and multicultural city, you’ll find gorgeous ocean views. To the west, there’s the verdant Everglades National Park. No matter where you and your video production company turn, there are exciting backdrops for filming.


Of course, there are challenges associated with filming in Miami, especially if your company is coming in from out of town. For instance, did you know that Miami Beach is a separate city, with its own municipal government to deal with? To navigate the local peculiarities smoothly, and to make sure your video production leads to a polished final product, you can team with a Crews Control camera crew.

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Work with experts for your next Miami video production

Marketing today depends on multimedia. Video is one of the most useful media types because it can be used in so many contexts. A promo video clip can be circulated on a variety of social media platforms to reach multiple audiences or streamed live and then used as part of a more permanent content library. There’s no limit to the kinds of videos your company can film in Miami, provided you have a crew with the right experience, gear and instincts. 

At a time when companies’ efforts to create great digital marketing content are escalating, businesses have to try harder than ever to stand out and make their videos look great. Professionalism pays off in these cases. And when you have a city like Miami as your backdrop — warm, picturesque, and culturally rich — the sky is truly the limit for your video production efforts.

What kinds of productions lend themselves to a Miami setting? The balmy Floridian climate means you may be in town for an industry conference during the winter, whether at the Miami Convention Center at the James L. Knight International Center or in Miami Beach at the Miami Beach Convention Center or New World Center. In that case, live streaming event video can connect you with your audience back home.

In other cases, you may want to collect B-roll of the city’s lively thoroughfares to be part of your videos for months to come. Still other corporate video production types — client testimonials, social media marketing clips, extended film projects — can all be valuable options.

Teaming up with expert video crews means your project will get the attention it needs to reach its potential, from lighting and sound recording to video editing and post production. No matter the level of internal experience on your staff, you can get the exact level of support and expertise you need from a Crews Control team led by one of our experienced production managers – each of whom has spent at least 10 years in the production industry.

Not only do Crews Control teams know video production, they know their area. This means when you decide to film in Miami, you’re matched with professionals who won’t be taken by surprise by anything, from parking to local laws and regulations. These experts are ideally positioned to get the best footage in all corners of the city. Crews Control has a long history in Florida and has been filming in Miami for over 30 years.


Our video production services in Miami

No matter what kind of corporate video production you’re planning in Miami — from live streaming an event to creating bite-sized video content for social media release — your best bet is to team up with an expert video production crew, provided by the best Miami video production company. The versatility of Crews Control professionals allows you to get the results you’re looking for, no matter the scope or goal of your project.

Our video services in Miami include:

  • Interviews and B-roll
  • Event coverage
  • Presentations
  • Talking head video content
  • Motion pictures
  • Live streaming
  • Drone production
  • Animation and motion graphics
  • Panel discussion
  • Man on the street interviews
  • Corporate meetings
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Commercials
  • Broadcast television media
  • Employee training materials
  • Sizzle reels
  • Time-lapse videos
  • Happy-face videos
  • Focus group recordings
  • Testimonials
  • Video news releases
  • Documentaries
  • Web conferencing
  • Red carpet coverage
  • Action and sports video
  • Product demonstration clips
  • …and whatever else you can imagine!

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Unique video and film considerations in Miami

Shooting a corporate video production takes on unique traits depending on your location. Even within Florida, for instance, a Miami video or film production will have to deal with conditions that don’t apply in Orlando or Tampa, with areas such as the port or local museum grounds potentially calling for specific permits.

Fortunately, when you partner with Crews Control, you gain access to professionals who understand the local tips and tricks. The following are some of the practices our production managers have discovered over the years of shooting in the sunshine state and Miami in particular:

  • Some months are out of bounds: “Miami Heat” isn’t just the name of a basketball team. While being able to film comfortably in the winter is a major benefit of shooting in Miami, there is a flip side. Namely, you should avoid launching your video production in July or August if at all possible, especially if you’re planning to film outside due to the heat and humidity.
  • Two cities, two permitting systems: Miami and Miami Beach are two separate cities. This means that depending on which part of the metro area you want to film in, you’ll have to work with one of two separate bodies: Miami Film & Entertainment on one side and the Miami Beach Film & Print Office on the other.
  • Parking (or not parking): While Miami’s parking system is a relatively simple app-based method, that may not be enough to get your crew a space. There are plenty of areas where parking is very limited, so you may want to arrange to drop off your crew.
  • Best B-roll spots: If you want footage that is beautiful and distinctly Miami, you can take in the sea views on Ocean Drive, the lively businesses on Lincoln Road or the magnificent architecture of the Art Deco district, among many others.
  • A busy airport, for better and worse: There are plenty of flights into and out of Miami International Airport, one of the biggest and most trafficked in the area. That’s good if you’re bringing in on-screen talent from out of town. The bad news is that the scale and bustle of the airport make it tough to leave quickly and get to your filming location — budget some extra time.
  • Museums and cultural attractions abound: Within a few square miles of downtown Miami, you can find a wide selection of museums, from the historic Vizcaya Museum and Gardens to the forward-looking Pérez Art Museum Miami and Institute of Contemporary Art. These cultural attractions could play into your project plans, provided you’ve received permission to film.

When you have an experienced local crew on your side, you don’t have to worry about running into unexpected issues. Crews Control teams know their way around and can keep your south Florida video production on schedule and under budget. The quickest routes around the city, the best hours to film, ideal studio rental rates, even the most delicious restaurants downtown: our experienced Miami video production teams know it all.

Our Miami video crews: Experience and gear

Running a smooth and effective video shoot comes down to a few decisive factors, including crew experience and video production equipment. Crews Control teams know their locations, which means that when you hire a crew for a Miami shoot, those experts will come with a strong background in everything from Florida weather to downtown traffic patterns. Each Crews Control director of photography has more than 10 years of experience in video production service, leaving your project in good hands.

Top crews can do their best work when they have access to the best filming and editing equipment. The footage captured for your project should look great for years to come. Truly high-quality video content holds long-term value, as you can repurpose it for multiple projects. Crews Control teams bring this high-quality gear to every shoot, including new tech from Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, Ikegami, Thompson (Philips), Hitachi, Red and Arriflex.


Check Out Our Extensive Camera List:

  • Silicon Imaging SI-2K
  • Silicon Imaging SI-2K Mini
  • Vision Research Phantom v12.1
  • Vision Research Phantom v640

8K, 4K, UHD & 2k


  • Arriflex ALEXA

AVC Intra (NTSC)


  • Sony HXR-NX5U
  • Canon EOS C100


  • Panasonic AJ-HDX 900


  • Panasonic AJ-HDX900E



  • Panasonic AG-HVX200E
  • Panasonic AG-HPX 171E
  • Panasonic AG-HVX 200E
  • Panasonic AG-HVX 200P


  • Sony PMW EX1
  • Sony PMW EX3
  • Sony PMW-EX1R
  • Sony PXW-X70
  • JVC GY-HM700U
  • Sony PMW 300
  • Sony PMW 320
  • Sony PMW-350
  • Sony PMW 400
  • Sony PMW-F3


  • Sony PDW-F355
  • Sony PDW-F350
  • Sony PDW-F330
  • Sony PDW-700
  • Sony PDW-F800
  • Sony PDW-335


  • Canon EOS C500
  • Canon EOS C300
  • Canon EOS C100

By combining video production know-how with optimal equipment, Crews Control teams can deliver an ideal experience for your next Miami corporate video production.


By pairing expert crews with technologically sophisticated equipment, Crews Control delivers top-quality results for clients every time.


Some of our Happy Clients

For over 30 years, Crews Control video production experts have helped video shooting, editing and post production go smoothly. Serving a variety of company types and sizes, our crews have worked with fresh start-ups, as well as over half of the businesses in the Fortune 500. Whatever the goal of your Miami corporate video marketing project, Crews Control professionals can help you attain the results you’re looking for.


Prepared, Creative, Professional and on the 10 scale an 11

I’ve been producing and directing videos for Broadcast (NBC/ABC/CNN/C-SPAN) and Corporate for over 30 years – and Matthew and Dan were one of the best crews I have EVER worked with.




The footage was well done.

Just got out of the edit. Tim did a great job. Considering the talent we gave him to work with, I would go as far as to say he’s a bit of a magician.

Thanks for the help!



Thanks for the great shoot yesterday.

Everything was great and I wanted to let you know that our Executive Producer said the footage we got from the different regions was the best footage he had ever seen come from remote crews that we didn’t have control over. That is a great compliment coming from him.

I appreciate all your help and look forward to working with you again!


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