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When scouting for perfect video production locations in Southern California or the greater Southwest, you may find that it’s worth escaping from Los Angeles and taking a drive into the desert. Palm Springs, the tourist-friendly winter enclave in California, could be the perfect spot to stage your next corporate video shoot.

Palm Springs’ architecture is unique and stunning, designed to make the most of the desert location and near-constant sunshine. You can focus on opulent mansions and ranches, some of which are widely available to movie, TV and video productions, or train your cameras on the canyons, Joshua trees and mountains that ring the downtown area.

If you need to bring in equipment or talent from a big city, Palm Springs is conveniently located — it’s two hours from San Diego by car, slightly farther from Los Angeles, and four hours from Las Vegas. To add to this accessibility, the desert city has its own airport 10 minutes from downtown.

By getting away from the hustle of LA but staying in the region, you can meld uniqueness and convenience in your Palm Springs video shoot. To make the most of the beautiful surroundings, you can team up with a Crews Control video crew.

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Find professionals for your Palm Springs video production

It’s Crews Control’s policy to pair corporate video productions with teams of experienced professionals who know their respective regions. This ensures that when there are unique factors to deal with — such as the potentially dangerous heat and dryness of Palm Springs — there will be experts on hand to guide the shoot to completion, on time and under budget.

In a location such as Palm Springs, where the population fluctuates widely from season to season, skilled local producers can also help with logistical matters such as finding lodging and food for the crew and talent on every day of the shoot.

In addition to local knowledge, Crews Control professionals can deliver technical experience regarding filmmaking, all the way through post production. To build an effective video production department in-house, you may have to allocate a large portion of your budget to full-time salaries and equipment costs. With Crews Control, you gain access to a fully formed videography operation.


Our video production services in Palm Springs

Whether you’re most interested in an outdoor shoot or a sound stage production, your Palm Springs video project can take many forms. Companies today are using a variety of video formats to reach a wide assortment of audiences, both internal and external. You can join these businesses’ ranks, working with everything from short-form social media clips to extended live video of corporate events.

Explainer videos can increase the reach of your products while boosting brand awareness. Training videos can bring your employees up to speed with the latest practices and requirements. TV commercials can show off your company’s identity with Hollywood production values. These options and more are at your fingertips when you hire Crews Control experts.

Our video services in Palm Springs include:

Our video services in Palm Springs include:

  • Interviews and B-roll
  • Event coverage
  • Presentations
  • Drone production
  • Animation and motion graphics
  • Motion pictures
  • Live streaming
  • Panel discussion
  • Man on the street interviews
  • Corporate meetings
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Commercials
  • Broadcast television media
  • Employee training materials
  • Sizzle reels
  • Time-lapse videos
  • Happy-face videos
  • Focus group recordings
  • Testimonials
  • Video news releases
  • Documentaries
  • Web conferencing
  • Red carpet coverage
  • Action and sports video
  • Product demonstration clips
  • …and whatever else you can imagine!

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Unique factors about Palm Springs video productions

Every location has a few distinctive points to consider. These range from climate and accessibility to local permitting processes. When you’re investigating the possibility of filming corporate video in Palm Springs, you and your Crews Control team can collaborate on this research process. Best practices for shooting in this desert oasis include the following:

  • Decide on your season of choice: Palm Springs boasts over 350 sunny days a year — but that doesn’t mean there are no seasons there. The local tourism authority notes that the city is busiest during winter, when the heat is somewhat mitigated and other parts of the country are frigid. If you want to film then, you’ll have to work around the crowds, whereas in the summer you’ll need a plan to keep your people from becoming dehydrated in the sun.
  • Do your homework on film permits: Every location in Palm Springs, except licensed film studios, requires video crews to apply for a permit. Producers have to request their permits at least three business days before the shoot starts, and the process goes through the Palm Springs chief film officer.
  • Consider indoor shooting: One of the advantages of shooting video in a location so close to Hollywood is the existence of film infrastructure. There are sound stages in Palm Springs that could help you capture special effects shots or get your crew in out of the heat.
  • Find your B-roll angles: Palm Springs is located in the desert, which means there are plenty of breathtaking arid views around town. There are also distinctive sights, including an aerial tram that runs for over two miles, as well as a variety of museums, modernist houses, a botanical garden full of cacti and a desert zoo.

Your skilled and experienced Crews Control video crew will assist you every step of the way, navigating through Palm Springs to figure out the ideal backdrops for your corporate video project. Once you’ve established a working relationship, you can come back to Palm Springs time and again.

Our Palm Springs video crews: Experience and gear

Every stage of a video production can benefit from the knowledge and perspective that experienced professionals bring to the job. For this reason, Crews Control works with directors of photography who have spent at least 10 years in the industry building their skills. From the earliest planning stages to any unexpected issues that pop up during the shoot, these tenured crew members will be able to handle the whole process gracefully.

To make sure they can capture the highest possible quality of video content, Crews Control professionals use the latest and greatest in videography equipment. From cameras to microphones to video editing software, every piece of gear is optimized for performance and reliability. By working with Crews Control, you gain access to these assets without expending your own budget on them. Our crews use gear made by Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, Ikegami, Thompson (Philips), Hitachi, RED and Arriflex.


Check Out Our Extensive Camera List:

  • Silicon Imaging SI-2K
  • Silicon Imaging SI-2K Mini
  • Vision Research Phantom v12.1
  • Vision Research Phantom v640

8K, 4K, UHD & 2k


  • Arriflex ALEXA

AVC Intra (NTSC)


  • Sony HXR-NX5U
  • Canon EOS C100


  • Panasonic AJ-HDX 900


  • Panasonic AJ-HDX900E



  • Panasonic AG-HVX200E
  • Panasonic AG-HPX 171E
  • Panasonic AG-HVX 200E
  • Panasonic AG-HVX 200P


  • Sony PMW EX1
  • Sony PMW EX3
  • Sony PMW-EX1R
  • Sony PXW-X70
  • JVC GY-HM700U
  • Sony PMW 300
  • Sony PMW 320
  • Sony PMW-350
  • Sony PMW 400
  • Sony PMW-F3


  • Sony PDW-F355
  • Sony PDW-F350
  • Sony PDW-F330
  • Sony PDW-700
  • Sony PDW-F800
  • Sony PDW-335


  • Canon EOS C500
  • Canon EOS C300
  • Canon EOS C100

When launching your Palm Springs video production, you can and should team up with a partner that can deliver both top video skills and ideal filmmaking gear. This is the combination you get from Crews Control. Request a free quote now!


By pairing expert crews with technologically sophisticated equipment, Crews Control delivers top-quality results for clients every time.


Some of our Happy Clients

Over the past 30 years, Crews Control has made its name as a trusted video production company pairing businesses with the best videography personnel for their needs. From ambitious start-ups to over half of the Fortune 500, Crews Control has helped these businesses achieve their goals, delivering valuable video content for projects of all descriptions. By working with our professionals in Palm Springs, you can make sure the next Crews Control success story is yours.


Prepared, Creative, Professional and on the 10 scale an 11

I’ve been producing and directing videos for Broadcast (NBC/ABC/CNN/C-SPAN) and Corporate for over 30 years – and Matthew and Dan were one of the best crews I have EVER worked with.




The footage was well done.

Just got out of the edit. Tim did a great job. Considering the talent we gave him to work with, I would go as far as to say he’s a bit of a magician.

Thanks for the help!



Thanks for the great shoot yesterday.

Everything was great and I wanted to let you know that our Executive Producer said the footage we got from the different regions was the best footage he had ever seen come from remote crews that we didn’t have control over. That is a great compliment coming from him.

I appreciate all your help and look forward to working with you again!


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