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Do you have a client that insists on generating content themselves?

We know nothing can replace the experience and professionalism of custom-matched Crews Control Crew for your production needs. But for those times when a full crew is simply not an option, we present OpenReel.

OpenReel is a great tool (app) that enables producers to remotely capture and live direct HD video anywhere right from your desk. The technology allows footage to be recorded locally on the subject’s device, ensuring that the full quality is recorded and sent directly to the cloud. It works on both Apple and Web-based platforms, allowing you to remotely pair with another phone or tablet. Additionally, the Webcam Capture feature allows remote video capture directly from an executive’s webcam. C-Level leaders and subjects can now click on an invite link, easily giving producers the power to film and live direct right through the executive’s webcam. Now through chrome extension, directors can also capture and share the executive’s screen through the Webcam Capture feature.

We know it’s not a professional crew and will never replace the professional crews you rely on for your most important projects…. but it is a fabulous strategic option for you to gain some control over user generated video within your organization.

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Think it sounds too good to be true?

It’s not… it is that good!

OpenReel is a fabulous strategic option for you to gain some control over user-generated video within your organization. Reach out today for a 10-minute demo and see for yourself!

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