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Many would agree that the key to successful lighting is control. Ask any freelance director of photography, however, and they will often tell you that control is difficult—if not impossible—to maintain in location production. With Litepanels new ENG daylight-balanced ENG lights, controlling light on location should be worry-free. Sola ENG LED Fresnel by Litepanels is a revolutionary daylight-balanced ENG light that works perfectly as a camera-mounted light or on a stand. This completely controllable LED light lets you flood, spot, and dim the light without any change in color and zero flicker. With output compared to a conventional 250 watt light, Sola ENG LED Fresnel by Litepanels also uses only a tenth of the power of a 250 watt light but generates very little heat.

Most freelance DPs would also agree that nothing makes a client happier than a quick, well-lit interview. Whether shooting on location at a convention or outdoors beside a lake, the Sola ENG LED Fresnel by Litepanels is a versatile and ideal solution. The Sola ENG light weighs less than a pound, which makes it easy to carry, mount, and control without any extra hands. Sola ENG LED by Litepanels draws only 30 watts and will connect to any traditional ENG battery, which makes this the perfect light for a run and gun production.

Has the Sola ENG LED Fresnel by Litepanels brightened your production recently? Has your Chicago camera crew used this equipment on set? Please feel free to share your experience. Are there any other camera-mounted lights on the market that you like to use?

Download pdf: LPsolaEngDataSheet2_LoRes

Brad Spinsby

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