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Infographic: What Level Of Video Outsourcing Works For You?

Posted by Kim Moseman on April 11, 2024

Staying aware of the latest developments in corporate video production trends can help your organization succeed. Today, that may mean shifting away from dedicated in-house production toward a more flexible model that incorporates expert third-party contributions.

Fully featured in-house video creation rose in prominence as companies, especially large enterprises, sought to assert greater control over their output and reduce dependencies. However, faced with a financially demanding environment, businesses have become aware of inefficiencies in the self-contained model, opening up a new era of varied production styles.

Check out our latest infographic that explores different levels of outsourcing and what your options are:

Web Ready Infographic 4 scaled outsourcing

To learn more about outsourcing video and in-house models, check out our eBook: The Evolution of In-House Models Brings Changes to Corporate Video.

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