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10 Tips For Shooting Corporate Video in Dublin

Posted by Kim Moseman on September 7, 2018

Dublin is a historic city with a modern twist. As the capital of Ireland, stunning architecture expands all over the city to create a unique landscape that any traveling producer shooting corporate video can benefit from. With over 600 Irish pubs and the youngest population in Europe, Dublin is home to friendly people who are willing to help travelers and have a good time. But what do you need to know before booking a shoot in Dublin? We talked to DP Napoleon Ramos about everything you need to know in order to have a successful video shoot.

1. Permits: A permit is required to film in Dublin, but the size of the production will determine the level of permit needed. Basic productions such as b-roll, footage of the city and piece to camera shoots that don’t obstruct traffic may need a “micro/small, noncommercial application form” that costs around 75 euros and is valid for 1 month. “Irish authorities are very flexible and helpful regarding permits and filming in Dublin,” Ramos said. For more information on permits, click here.

2. Weather: Dublin has a temperate climate. As of late, Dublin has been getting hit with a lot of snow in the winter that tends to shut down the city for a few days. Shooting during this time is not always ideal, but still very doable. The weather can also go from rainy to sunny in a matter of minutes, which can offer beautiful lighting situations. “Rainbows can pop up unexpectedly to contrast with dark cloudy or blue skies,” Ramos said.

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3. B-Roll Shots: Dublin has many amazing landmarks and architectural feats that serve as great establishing shots and b-roll. Some iconic places to capture include the Samuel Beckett bridge, River Liffey, the Docklands, Trinity College and Kilmainham Gaol.

4. Transportation: Other than taxis, there are three main public transportation methods: double deck buses, the Dart train that runs north to south and the LUAS tramway that runs east to west. “Renting a car is easy and there are plenty of options,” Ramos said. “Most cars in Ireland are manual gear shift; for automatic cars is better to book in advance as there is limited range of automatic cars available.” American, Canadian and EU licenses are accepted but hiring a driver may be the most convenient method for transporting equipment around the busy city. For more information on transportation in Dublin, click here.

5. Traffic: One of the most important matters to remember while in Ireland is that everyone drives on the left-hand side of the road. “Driving on the left can be disorienting, so its important to be very careful,” Ramos said. Like in any major city, rush hour traffic in Dublin is heavy, but tends to ease up around 6 p.m.

6. Language: You won’t find a huge language barrier in Dublin. “Everyone speaks English, very few people speak Gaelic but there is a revival for this language, so all directions and signs are bilingual; English/Gaelic,” Ramos said.

7. The Guinness Storehouse: A typical hot spot for anyone who visits Dublin is the Guinness Storehouse. “See how the famous Guinness beer is brewed, enjoy great local and international food and for amazing rooftop views of the city,” Ramos said.

8. Drones: Before you think about flying a drone over Dublin, you must be registered to the Irish Aviation Authority. This would be a prime example as to why hiring a local operator/ crew is best. Problems with insurance, permits and legality may arise because of many rules and restrictions involving drones, but most local operators have already jumped through these hoops. For more information on drones, click here.

9. Temple Bar Pub Streets: Spread over cobblestone streets, this riverside neighborhood includes a whole set of pubs, clubs and restaurants. Visit this lively area for filming or to enjoy some down time. “Many locals and tourists alike congregate for a good night out or a bite to eat,” Ramos said.

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10. Cuisine: There are several locations all over the city where you can get your fill of traditional Irish cuisine. Be sure to try Irish stew, soda bread, and boxty during your stay. Some famous restaurants in Dublin include O’Neill’s Pub, The Woollen Mills and Hatch & Sons. Pubs are all the rage in the city as well. “The Brazen Head pub, known as the oldest pub, opened in the 11th century,” Ramos said. “There is live music every day, pints and food”.

Key takeaways:

-Renting a car is most convenient when transporting equipment.

-Permits are required for just about every production that takes place in the city.

-Dublin has a lot of potential for amazing drone shots but you must first be registered to the Irish Aviation Authority.

Planning a corporate video shoot in Dublin? Click here to find the perfect local crew for you!


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