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10 Tips for Your Shoot in New Orleans

Posted by Kim Moseman on October 14, 2016

New Orleans is known for its jazz, food, celebrations and lively atmosphere. It also contains a large amount of history and tradition. This unique environment makes New Orleans ideal for a variety of interesting video shoots. How do you make the most out of video production in The Big Easy? Here are ten simple tips for your next video shoot in New Orleans:

10. Permits

The majority of locations around New Orleans do not require a permit to shoot in. However, there are some exceptions. For example, George Griswold of Video Now notes that “if you want to shoot inside Jackson Square, you need a permit from the NOLA film office.”

9. History

Having been established in 1718 by the French, there is plenty of history to be found all around the city. Check out any of the numerous museums and historical locations scattered around New Orleans such as the National WWII Museum or the St. Louis Cathedral for unique video shoot opportunities.

8. Heat

From May to September, you’ll probably find it too hot to shoot for at least ten hours a day. “In the summer, the heat index can be 105 degrees,” says Griswold. “Your talent will melt and the crew, who usually has to stay out with the gear, risks heat stroke which is a serious health concern.”

7. Rain

Because of New Orleans’ location near the Gulf of Mexico, rain is always a factor for video shoots. Expect rain just about every afternoon you’re in New Orleans and plan accordingly.

French Quarter in New Orleans Jackson Square

The French Quarter in New Orleans is amazing, but it’s not always easy to navigate.

6. Washington Artillery Park

The park sits right on the Mississippi River and right across from Jackson Square. There’s a great view of St. Louis Cathedral, too. This incredible set-up presents plenty of stunning views to shoot, especially in the evening when the sun is setting.

5. Venues

While the French Quarter is most well-known in the city and is a historical landmark, don’t be afraid to explore other places as well. There are plenty of great venues all around New Orleans. “The Hilton Riverside or the Marriott at 555 Canal are both good venues,” Griswold says.

4. Music

While you’re in New Orleans, it’s absolutely necessary to check out the local jazz scene at musical hotspots such a Frenchmen Street. Local New Orleans music can really highlight the city’s atmosphere in your next corporate video.

3. Noise

New Orleans is known for its liveliness and constant activity. When you’re shooting an interview or a scene, however, it’s important to look for locations where you can avoid background noise like loud music or screaming party-goers. Your best bet is staying clear of busy streets and festivals unless you’re specifically shooting them.

2. Navigation

Be warned that traffic around major locations, such as the French Quarter, can get extremely congested. Streetcars are usually cheap and festive, but renting a van or car would be the best way to get around if you’re hauling a lot of equipment.

1. Local Cuisine

If you visit The Big Easy, you absolutely must experience its legendary food first-hand. Essential to the New Orleans experience is gumbo, jambalaya, and crawfish. Beignets are also a must, and those can be sampled by visiting Cafe Du Monde.

Cafe De Monde New Orleans French Quarter

Cafe Du Monde is the perfect place to sip coffee and soak it all in.

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