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A Fluorescent with LED Power: Photon Beard’s Square One

Posted by Brad Spinsby on July 10, 2014

Photon Beard certainly sounds more like a hipster rock band than a UK lighting company that has made excellent lighting for over 100 years. Photon Beard has continued their excellence in lighting with their Square One light. The Square One is literally just that, a one square foot light panel. But unlike most lights of that size, the Square One utilizes fluorescent lights instead of the extremely popular LED lights. The Square One uses 5/8” broadcast quality High CRI tubes in either tungsten or daylight options. It outputs only 64 watts of power, and with a fluorescent light that means cool, soft, yet ample light for a multitude of lighting situations and various film locations.



Squareone lit no doors clear



Most lights of that size are built for portability, and the Square One falls in line in that regard. It has excellent mobility. You have the option of detachable AC power for when power is available, or a V-mounted battery pack adapter for times when AC power is not available. It has a 16mm socket for use with a plethora of accessories or even for mounting when space is exceptionally tight. It has standard barn doors which can fit the honeycomb, diffusion, or gels as needed to change the quality of the light. Portable lights have come in vogue, but most manufacturers have tended toward LED lighting. Fluorescent lights put out the same quality and heat as LEDs but few manufacturers produce them at the one square foot size. Photo Beard has taken the portable light design and utilized the quality of fluorescent light with their Square One.

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