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CamBlock Motion Controlled System

Posted by Cricket Capucci on July 18, 2013

Demand for increased movement in worldwide video production is up. Are you looking for something to wow your audience? Have you seen CamBlock? The manufacturer of portable motion controlled systems, for the field. Like so many smart video production solutions the CamBlock was born out of necessity. Stewart Mayer, CamBlock’s founder, was first a Cinematographer who was searching for tools to make his visions come alive. The lack of small scale solutions lead to the 3 Axis Modular System.

The CamBlock captures a range of images from real time to time lapse. The operator sets key frames on a timeline which allows for the exact same pan, tilt, dolly combination movements each take. It works best with modular cameras like the Red One, Scarlett, Epic, Canon C300, C500, Sony F5, and F55 etc. but, since the cameras can also be underslung, Cinematographers have also rigged larger cameras to it like the Alexa.

joystick camBlock keyframes

The CamBlock is one of the most versatile solutions for the field that we’ve found. The basic solution comes with 10ft Dolly track but if you need more it can be expanded up to 20 ft. If you have a 3D project CamBlock has attachments for a 3D rig. They even have a vertical rig. It is very portable. How portable you ask? Well the kit fits into two pelican cases and a tube case. And the CamBlock 3 Axis modular system with dolly takes about 15 to 30 minutes to set up. It meets the two largest requirements of field production it is easy to transport and the set up time isn’t going to eat up the budget.

You can rent the system from MP&E, which has Dallas video locations, as well as Denver, Austin and Phoenix. If you are looking to own a motion controlled system the 3 Axis Modular System starts at $16,700 and goes up from there with accessories. If your staff isn’t familiar with how to use the 3 Axis System CamBlock will refer you to experienced operators.

Take a look at some ways that it has been used by other digital cinema and video production professionals.

For more information about camBlock and its founder and inventor check out this Q &A with Stewart Mayer.

Have you used the camBlock or other motion controlled systems in the field or studio? Comment below and let us know what you shot.

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