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Common Phobias In The Creative World

Posted by Valerie Nolan on January 16, 2013


I recently wrote an article discussing ways you can improve communication with your client or vendor. I received a lot of good feedback from that article but one of the best responses from my article was an infographic that was passed along to me from Crews Control Production Manager Becky Holzman.



While most people are scared of zombies, guns, and public bathrooms — the creative people of the world are scared of different things like people looking over their shoulder and day dreaming. I found this infographic to be a very accurate depiction of what makes a creative individual lose sleep at night. Our worldwide camera crews can probably relate to a few of these common phobias, and I am sure they have a list of their own. Feel free to add any phobias you have in the comments below.



Click the image to enlarge it.



Common Phobias of Creatives



Infographic Source : The Creative Finder & Column Five


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