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Dedolight DLED: Major Lighting in a Minimal Design

Posted by Brad Spinsby on October 11, 2013

In the video production world the goal with technology is to try to pack more into a smaller size. For lighting, that means smaller lights with more power and control. A couple years back Dedolight released its camera-mounted Ledzilla light that packed a powerful 8W LED light in a small battery-operated package. The sequel to their Ledzilla is the new Dedolight DLED 4.0.

State-of-the-art LED light source for daylight, tungsten and bicolor.

The DLED 4.0 is a 45-watt LED light that utilizes Dedolight’s patented aspherical light optics. It comes in tungsten balanced, daylight balanced, and a bicolor tungsten and daylight version. The bicolor version, DLED 4.0BI, uses their color beam system to ensure no banding or color shift between light conditions. All versions also focus from a wide 60 degrees all the way done to a narrow 4 degrees, so works for both those key or fill light needs. The power supply, the DT 4.0, is sold separately than the DLED 4.0, but offers additional control. It comes with a DMX dimmer that dims the light from 100% down 20% while maintaining light quality.



They have two lens projectors available that make the DLED 4.0 more than just a 3-point interview light. The first, the DP1, comes with an 85mm/2.8 lens and works with Dedolight steel gobos to project designs on the background. You can also use glass gobos with them DP1 to project in 3-D on the background. The DP1 adds drama to that corporate interview with just the simple lens attachment and gobo.

The second, the DP2, also comes with an 85mm/2.8 lens and has shutter blades for better control on the light so you can focus on a minor detail. With the DP2 you can creative a variety of shapes to help form the light to a specific size. If you need to highlight a minor detail on a product, instead of spending valuable time shaping the light with barndoors and Cinefoil, just add the DP2 on your DLED 4.0, adjust the shutter blades, and that details stands out. The Dedolight DLED 4.0, along with the plethora of accessories, is a versatile resource keeps your light kit small but gives you the power and control you need.

Dedolight has a studio version available soon, the DLED 4.0SE, that will have the DT 4.0 DMX controllable power source included along with a studio yoke.

The DLED 4.0 is one in a long line of excellent lights made by Dedolight. They also strive to make great accessories to get more out of just one Dedolight light. Along with the additional power supply with DMX controls, Dedolight offers a battery-powered supply for those locations when AC power is not viable source. The DLED 4.0 is now available along with the Ledzilla. Dedolight has plans to release different sizes, the DLED 2.0, 9.0 and 12.0, in the near future.

Do you use a Dedolight as part of your lighting package? Or do you own the Dedolight Ledzilla or DLED 4.0? Let us know how you use any of Dedolight’s products and what you like or dislike about them.

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