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Field Mixer Audio Bags Revolutionized

Posted by Guest Blogger on November 10, 2014

I’ve worked in the motion imaging production business for over 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like the Audio Mixer Bag from Orca Bags. The bag has a nice clean exterior presentation and comes in black with blue trim. But the trim isn’t a window dressing it’s actually an aluminum frame to maintain the shape of the bag. This means it will keep the same shape after years of field use and protect its’ precious cargo as well. (Let’s be honest, this is something we have all wanted for a long time.)

The entire side panel comes down to allow for complete access to both sides of the bag. This makes cable routing and adjustments to your mixer or recorder a breeze. No more struggling with a hand in the side and trying to look down on the gear from the top to achieve your goals. In addition to the side access, the Orca bag also lets you access your gear from the top, the front, the back and the bottom. That’s six different directions you can reach your equipment, an industry first. Great for on the go location filming. There is a nice clear plastic top that can be removed if desired. It’s large enough to allow the sound guy to operate the mixer, even with antennas on it, which comes in handy in the field during inclement weather. The magnetic front and rear compartments allows the audio tech to access these compartments quietly on set. I was truly impressed when I realized you can actually ‘open’ the bottom of the bag to reveal the underside of your mixer or recorder which is great if you need access to memory cards on the bottom of your equipment.

Orca audio bag side front panels open(1)

Unlike other bags, Orca Bags give the operator the option on where to hook your harness and determine how the bag hangs. The majority of the bags I’ve used in the past have a single harness connection, you either liked it or you just lived with it. By having multiple connection options, it allows the user to position the bag to the most comfortable location for them. These connections have a plastic coating over the webbing for added protection.

Orca audio Bags side rings(1)

Orca Bags provides a shoulder strap for their Audio Bag. However, the REAL BEAUTY of their system is the audio harness. For starters it’s very light weight and ventilated. It employs an EVA skeleton with a mesh fabric that allows for heat to escape. Trust me anyone who’s used audio harnesses in warm conditions will appreciate a ventilated harness system. Perhaps the most unique feature of any harness on the market is that it contains an internal battery pouch designed to provide power for smart phones, or similar low draw devices. With an Orca harness, you’ll truly never have a dead mobile phone on set again.

If you’re in the market for a new audio mixer or recorder bag, or you’d just like to work more productively in the field the Orca Bags are worth checking out. What is your favorite bag, and do they have any features the Orca does not?

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