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Fletcher’s 2013 Camera Comparison

Posted by Cricket Capucci on July 29, 2013


Fletcher Camera and Lenses have released their annual camera comparison chart. Fletcher Camera & Lenses collects information from their large network of industry professionals, colleagues and manufacturers in order to compile the information provided on this chart. This list is intended to help producers make more informed decisions when it comes to selecting camera and format for their next shoot.



Fletcher’s Camera Comparison Chart for 2013 once again covers compact, medium, and large digital cine cameras. It gives an in-depth overview of the specifications that are most important. Some of the included categories are sensor sizes, base ISO, frame rates, recorded bit depth, power and so on. Most of the specs listed on the chart will directly tie into your decision-making process for your next production. The chart also highlights the positives of each camera, showcases notable credits, and also provides you with the national average for day rates for each camera body. The 2013 Fletcher Camera Comparison Chart is a great reference sheet to have at your disposal.



Click on the chart below, and let us know what cameras interest you. What cameras are you currently interested in purchasing, renting, or currently using? What video locations are you shooting in? We would love to know!



2013 Camera Comparison Chart Part 1



2013 Camera Comparison Chart Part 2










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