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From Studio to Field: The Capable and Rugged Zylight F8

Posted by Brad Spinsby on August 17, 2012


Do you wish your hired film crews could take production equipment from your studio to the field and get the same functionality? With the Zylight F8 Fresnel LED light, using that studio light and packing it up for the field can be easy. The Zylight F8 is a portable, weather resistant, and dimmable Fresnel LED light. It is water and dust proof with an IP54 rating that makes it an excellent light for the hurricane or sandstorm conditions that sometimes arise on set. It has an optional battery mount plate with a 4-pin XLR adapter for those times when an outlet or generator is not nearby. The Zylight F8 LED light comes in tungsten and daylight balanced versions for different situations, both of which are fully dimmable and have a DMX remote accessory available and Zylink technology that can sync the lights wirelessly for congruent dimming between them.



Zylight F8 Fresnel LED LightWhen packing up your location vehicle you often see that space is at a premium. Some of the lights you wish you could bring often don’t fit in the space. The Zylight F8 is an efficient light that is only 15.4” x 12.6” x 4.5” just slightly larger than a book. With this size and battery-operated capability, it can be the perfect light for those man-on-the-street interviews at a convention center as well as down at the beach during hurricane season. The Zylight F8 can perform as a studio light also. It is an energy-efficient and can easily mount to a studio grid, and with DMX remote controls can be remotely managed just like the standard studio lights. And now with Zylink wireless connection between Zylight F8 lights you can get quick, consistent output between lights for optimal control. The Zylight F8 is expected to start shipping in September 2012.


Zylight F8 Features:


    • Thin & Lightweight Design


    • Water Resistant IP54 Rating


    • Continual Focus- Variable Spot-Flood


    • Completely Silent Operation


    • Single Shadow Beam Shaping


    • Fully Dimmable 100 – 0%


    • 3200K or 5600K Versions


    • DMX or Wireless Operation


    • Battery or Worldwide AC Power


    • Yoke Mount for Pan & Tilt


    • Sturdy, Durable Aluminum Construction


    • Made Production Tough in the USA




Do you own a Zylight and want to share your experience with us? Or do you have a different brand of studio light that you take in the field and like in both situations? Please share with us.


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