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Going Stag with Tiffen’s New Steadicam Solo

Posted by Brad Spinsby on June 18, 2014

With the influx of camera stabilization devices, steadying your small camera, even with its accessories, has never been easier. Tiffen the makers of Steadicam, has created a multifunctional stabilizer called the Steadicam Solo for cameras up to 10 pounds. It works with cameras from major manufacturers like Panasonic, Sony, and Canon. The Steadicam Solo has the typical quick release mounting plate for standard camera mounts, as well as dual, fore, and aft adjustment for that “Steadicam” quality stabilization. It comes with a three axis gimbal design and ergonomic foam handles and grip to make this an easy to use device. These are qualities that you expect from Steadicam.



Steadicam Solo



Firstly, what makes the Steadicam Solo unique from other stabilization devices is how many different ways it can be used. The Steadicam Solo works with your camera in three different ways. First you can purchase the Solo with the Steadicam Solo Arm Vest Kit. It works like a traditional Steadicam with the stabilization coming from both the vest and the arm attachment. The single leg design can be used with the vest by itself or work like a Steadicam Junior. This design works great for those who don’t want to be tethered to the vest, but want to have that free-flowing stable shot. Lastly, when your arm gets tired of holding the device off the vest, the Steadicam Solo has four telescopic sections to make it an excellent monopod. Imagine the versatility of working a tradeshow and being able to get professional stable shots with the vest, and then capturing presentations using your monopod. The Steadicam Solo, complete system with sled and vest comes in under $1000, and the Steadicam Solo without the vest comes in under $500. With the Steadicam Solo you can provide your client with multiple shooting techniques using one device.

Do you have a stabilization device that you work with for on-location shooting or did you see the Steadicam Solo at this year’s NAB? Please share with us via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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