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How Producing the Right Video Can Generate Repeatable Sales

Posted by Andrea Keating on February 13, 2017

It’s estimated that by the end of this year, the vast majority of all Internet traffic will be video content. Perhaps most importantly, video is having a huge impact on businesses. A survey found that over 75% of all small business owners or marketing professionals found that video content had a direct, positive impact on their company.

Harnessed properly, your company can produce video content that plays a vital role in the marketing and sales processes. The key, of course, is learning exactly how to harness it properly. You can’t simply start creating content and expect it to drive results. You need to have a plan every single time you produce video content.

In order to help keep you on track, here are six vital tips for producing the kind of video content that helps generate sales:

1. Leverage Case Studies or Success Stories

Unfortunately, most people aren’t going to trust your content. You’re creating it in order to sway their opinion about your brand or products, and they know it. If you want to really break through their suspicion, there’s no better way to do it than using people they trust – other customers like themselves.

This is why case studies and success stories are such a powerful storytelling tool. Plus, it’s extremely simple to produce. You can simply bring in some of your best or most successful clients, and ask them exactly how you’ve helped their business. You’ll have videos that are effective at both building trust and closing sales.

2. Include Video on Emails and Landing Pages

A strategically placed video in the right spot will have a dramatic impact on sales. If you do a lot of email marketing, videos will double or triple your average click-through rate. Simply placing video on the same page as an advertisement (such as a landing page) will increase conversions by over 20 percent.

3. Focus on Your Brand

In order to set your business apart from the competition and entice people to pull the trigger, you need to prove to them that you offer something unique or remarkable. A great way to do that is by using videos to build up your brand. A strong promotional video has the power to do just that. You can simply focus on taking a lighthearted, simple approach to explaining who you are and what you do without seeming desperate for a sale. You’ll be able to expand your brand and get your name out there even if you’re not focusing on sales in the short-term.

4. Develop Messaging Around Your Products

If the goals of your video content are purely sales-driven, you need to use it to showcase your products. Shoot a video of your product and combine it with some simple, bold text that highlights important features or benefits. Here are some important things to remember when shooting a product video:

  • Don’t go too broad. You need to target a product video very precisely. Who is your target audience? What do they need your product or services for exactly? What problems do they have? Answer these questions to decide what’s important to include in your video.
  • Don’t forget a CTA. You can’t simply talk about your product and expect the audience to figure out the next step themselves. You must include a call-to-action that makes it simple for them. Embed a link at the end of your video or include explicit instructions on what to do next and your conversions will soar.
  • Do use actual video. If your video content is simply pictures of your product with a voiceover and on-screen text, it’s going to feel hokey and low-quality. For best results, you need high-quality footage and professional editing.
Produce video

Creating videos for a specific target audience ensures that your content is engaging and useful for them.

5. Keep Your Current Customers Happy

Videos aren’t all about generating leads and finding new customers. You can use videos to increase sales by going the extra mile for your existing customers, too. For example, you could create videos as onboarding manuals for new customers who are brand-new to your company, sharing instructions on how to get started and useful advice. You should also consider creating videos to place in your FAQ section to make it easier for potential or existing customers to find answers to their questions. Improving retention and repeat sales increases your bottom line just as much as finding new customers does.

6. Set Each Video’s Length Strategically

Not all videos should be created equally. Once you have all the other aspects of your video nailed down, it’s important to consider exactly how long it should be. A nice informative product video could be several minutes long, especially if there are multiple features to go over. If you’re creating something to generate leads, like a branding video, you’ll want to keep it short and simple. On platforms like social media, you don’t have much time to keep somebody’s attention, so you’ll need to start strong and get to the point quickly.

Produce video

You need to base each video’s length based on your audience’s preferences, not on your own vision.

In order to produce video content that drives sales, you need to follow all of the advice above, but you also need a great video crew. They’re the ones that can take your ideas from a simple vision to a polished final product. And no matter where in the world you are or what kind of video you’re shooting, Crews Control is here to help you find the right crew for the job. All you need to do to get started is click here for a completely free quote.

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