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Is the Skype is the Limit?

Posted by Andrea Keating on March 16, 2011


Cosmo G. Spacely, CEO of Spacely Space Sprockets, was spot on with employing innovative technology for his business. Spacely was a forerunner in utilizing video technology in corporate communications. That was forge ahead for 1962 when the futuristic show, The Jetsons, first aired. The Jetsons was also the first to be produced and broadcast in color though technology hadn’t quite caught up to it being delivered widespread in color to viewers. Now almost 50 years later, technology is so advanced, it’s a matter of time before 3D technology and video emerge to produce holograms that respond to touch. Actually that does exist already… (so why do we not have light sabers? It’s like scientists aren’t even trying!)



Now that video chat is a wireless reality there are many video communication tools out there for business connectivity. Skype just recently developed a competitive business product line outfitted with collaboration tools and group video calling that does not require any kind of investment in telepresence equipment. They even offer a free download for popular mobile phones like the iPhone.



There’s probably a googol different platforms to communicate with in 2011. Connectivity solutions for video chat abound. Mobile phones are popping up all over the market equipped to stream live video chat with no app download required. Simply put, Skype isn’t the limit for video chat. There are web based applications like iMeet, Google Video, and Oovoo (none of which we swear by [read: endorse], like Tokbox for instance). Nonetheless, the technology exists (light sabers come in an app, too!)



Tell us how you are using video chat for business in the comments. Posting a video response is even better!


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