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Light as Feather and Bright Too: IKAN Featherlight IFB 1024

Posted by Brad Spinsby on November 12, 2013

Have you ever been in this situation; small room, not much ventilation, trying to get a well-lit interview? A cramped and overheated space can create a dreadful shooting environment. LED lights provide space-saving, efficient, and low heat alternatives to tungsten, optimal for situations where space and temperature are at a premium. Ikan has a new line of LED lights, their Featherlight series, which offer excellent consistency and control.

The Ikan Featherlight series consists of the Ikan IFD 1024 Featherlight Daylight LED Light and IFB 1024 Featherlight Dual Color LED light. Both lights weigh only 6 pounds and the Featherlight’s 1024 LED bulb modules use an efficient 82 watts. On the back of the light is a touch-screen that controls the dimming and the color temperature of the light. The screen references the dimming as a percentage and the color temperature as a specific kelvin number for maximum control. Should you need the exact same color and dimness simply punch in the number. This allows for great consistency from one video location to another if you are trying match light situations.

With its weight and size, the Ikan Featherlight IFD and IFB 1024 are great lights for small situations and have several accessories that allow for maximum portability and control. Both models have an RF remote accessory for control of the light. So instead of sending a Production Assistant up to the top of that wobbly ladder to adjust the light, now you can control the light from the ground. The Featherlight series also comes with either a Sony V-Mount or Anton Bauer mount for battery operation. Along with the battery mount is also a 4 pin 12V DC connector that can be used for DC power when AC power is not available. These options are perfect for a quick and untethered set-up for an outdoor situation or when shooting some quick stand-ups on a trade show floor. Interviews can be stressful for a crew because of space restraints or if clients feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. These situations can be compounded when you add sweating and claustrophobia to the mix. With the Ikan IFD and IFB 1024 the Director of Photography can control the heat, the space, and the light to and make that interview go more smoothly.

Do you own the IKAN Featherlight? If so, what does your video crew think about it with video production? When have you used an LED light because tungsten lights would not have worked?

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