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Lightning Fast Transfer Speed with Thunderbolt

Posted by Brad Spinsby on May 19, 2011

Apple and Intel have developed together a new transfer technology epically entitled Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt transfer technology is currently exclusive to the Lacie Little Big Disk drives. Thunderbolt technology integrates data and display protocol over a single cable, and can allow up to 10GB/second transfer speed bi-directionally from the drive to multiple sources.

Yes, you read the last sentence correctly, 10GB/sec in two directions. The integration of data and display protocol over a single cable limits the amount of cables necessary for complex data transmission. Plus, bi-direction transfer will allow data to be transfer from the hard drive to multiple sources at once, and the ability to daisy-chain and transfer drives together. For the film & video world this means an editor can be transferring footage to a server while simultaneously watching full-resolution HD footage on their computer. Lacie’s Little Big Disk with Thunderbolt technology is just the beginning of bigger things to come for Lacie, Apple and Intel’s potential for Thunderbolt.


apple thunderbolt 2



Any witnesses to the superfast Thunderbolt technology share your experiences? Have you used this tech in your Chicago video shoots or elsewhere?


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