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Maximizing Space on Your Rock N Roller Multi-Cart with the GripnGaff Bag

Posted by Brad Spinsby on February 26, 2014

Portability is paramount to any good freelance Director of Photography especially in the corporate world where filming on-location is essential. Most clients want more for less money and equipment has followed suit. Cameras are less expensive and smaller, lights are more compact, but the grip gear that was used decades ago is still the same today. When clients want a small crew the first things that are eliminated on your production cart are usually those c-stands and gobo arms. But Jay Olivier, a Crews Control DP in Austin, Texas, has created a simple and effective solution for those who utilize the Rock N Roller Multi-Cart called the GripnGaff Bag. This bag straps on to each end of your cart to secure and hold important grip gear while minimizing space needs.

The GripnGaff Bag uses 1000 denier ballistic nylon and is Urethane coated on its interior for durable construction. The hard plastic bottom creates better capacity and increases stability. It can be rolled up into a tight package when not in use for efficient storage in your production vehicle.

GripnGaffBag2It has a nylon cinch near the top of the back to secure your grip gear directly to your cart as well. The GripnGaff bag will work on both sides of the Rock N Roller cart so you can double your capacity if needed. By maximizing space on your cart you also minimize the number of trips to your production vehicle. With the GripnGaff Bag you can use more of your gear onsite and have more time on location. Here is the GripnGaff bag in action.



GripnGaff Bag has given our blog readers a coupon code “CC1947” to get 10% off your order until March 6th. Has your Chicago video crew used the GripnGaff bag before, or do you have alternate solutions for your production cart? Please share with us.

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