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Multi-Format Media Transfer with Nexto’s NVS2525

Posted by Brad Spinsby on May 13, 2011

What if I said media transfer could be a simple push of a button? You might think I’m crazy, but Nexto has created a device that makes media transfer nearly effortless. The Nexto DI NVS 2525 is an “On-the-Go” device that can back-up and transfer media without a laptop. The NVS 2525 works with SxS cards, P2 Cards, & with an adapter, CF cards. With the NVS 2525’s “Multi Copy” mode you can simultaneously download video files to its internal 750GB hard drive while downloading to an external hard drive. The 2.4” screen also lets you preview the footage and stills before you decide to transfer the data.

For those DPs who like owning a vast array of camera formats the NVS 2525 makes media transfer simpler. Media transfer has always been brand specific. You have to download specific drives, using a card reader that only reads a specific type of card and even sometimes use the camera as a transfer device. With the NVS 2525’s simple interface you can be creating a back-up of footage and transferring to external hard drive almost immediately after the shoot without having to fire up that pesky laptop or tie-up the camera with transferring. This ease of use and facilitation of the transfer process can save time for the DP and money for the client.


Have you used the Nexto DI NVS 2525 in video production within the Chicago area? If you have time and money saving media transfer tips, please share them with us!

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