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Not Just Your Average Blonde: Photon Beard’s Platinum Blonde

Posted by Brad Spinsby on July 16, 2014

Photon Beard is an English lighting company known for its development of the open-faced 1K and 2K tungsten lights known as Redhead and Blonde lights. There are now many manufacturers who produce redhead and blonde lights but Photon Beard was the originator. By natural progression they have developed and teased over the last couple years an open face 1200W HMI unit known as the Platinum Blonde. The difference between Tungsten lights and HMIs are HMIs produce more light but are more efficient in their power consumption. The Platinum Blonde works the same as other HMIs with an electronic ballast, but the light is not intended for use with any lenses like a typical HMI light. The Platinum Blonde is a simple yet rugged light. It is perfect for applications when a lens is not desired, but you need a strong light to shine through a soft diffusion or to bounce off of a wall.



Platinum Blonde back



Open face lights are popular for use in the application with diffusion or when a larger source light is needed. For exterior situation, or situation matching daylight, HMIs are the most effective lights to use. So, with the Platinum Blonde you can combine these two situational needs and have an excellent light for situations when a 5600K light is needed. It can also be focused at a direct downward angle to get light from directly overhead. The Platinum Blonde touts the best price for lumens of any light. The Platinum Blonde is not a light for every situation, but if you are looking for a raw light with immense power and efficient power usage to use with a bounce card, or through a silk, the Platinum Blonde delivers.

The Platinum Blonde has been in development for a couple years and has promised shipping very soon. Did you preview the light at the 2014 NAB show, and if so what are your thoughts? Where do you plan to shoot with this light? Please share with us here, on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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