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Sony Selects Crews Control to Give Uses for CineAlta Cameras within Corporate Video

Posted by Rebekah Toth Burns on June 4, 2014

Sony Professional Solutions of America picks Crews Control to feature four corporate video shoots that highlight ENG (electronic news gathering) uses for Sony professional digital cinema cameras in the recent article “CineAlta Cameras not just for Hollywood”. This article is in the second issue of the digital magazine by the same name CineAlta.

Crews Control’s Founder and CEO Andrea Keating said, “I founded Crews Control over 25 years ago to give producers a cost savings option to traveling their local DP and crew for a location shoot. Our crews represent the very best talent in each city and are handpicked for each project based on their shooting style, areas of expertise, and equipment. We have grown to become the leader in the industry and now manage shoots for thousands of clients all over the world.” Keating goes on to say “Our relationship with Sony allows us to introduce the newest cameras and workflow solutions to our crews and clients and track their usage daily worldwide to gauge usage trends.”

Crews Control is excited to be recognized as the source for corporate video news by Sony Professional Solutions. It was important for Crews Control to be included within the CineAlta publication to give enterprise communications a voice within the mainstream. We focus on highlighting three Sony digital cinema cameras the PMWF3, PMWF5, and PMWF55 for corporate communications.

About Crews Control

Since 1988 Crews Control’s focus has been to match each client with the perfect local, vetted video production crew. We provide pre-qualified video production crews in 279 cities, for thousands of companies worldwide and counting. Because our crews are local, they speak the native language, know the city, and don’t need to bother with costly carnets, visas, or customs. Our long history catering to corporate video producers and B2B business providers like consultants, ad agencies, and PR firms gives us a unique view into video in corporate America.


Press Contact


For press images or additional information please contact Crews Control’s marketing staff.

Rebekah Burns

8161 Maple Lawn Blvd. Suite120

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